A Retailer’s Guide to Making a Positive First Impression

Researchers know an astonishing amount about what makes people tick - particularly when it comes to first impressions and positive associations. As a retail store owner, the more you know about first impressions, the better your results will be. Why First Impressions Matter in Retail Did you know that people form a first impression within... Continue Reading →

5 Proven Ways to Secure Any Network from Hackers

Data breaches have been on the rise for many years and don't show signs of slowing down. Although you mainly hear about large corporations falling victim to a massive data breach, 43% of all cyberattacks target small businesses. Worse, a data breach can go undetected for 6 months or more while the damage continues. Network... Continue Reading →

10 Quirky Marijuana-Infused Beauty Products

Marijuana (and marijuana-based products) is now legal in some form in more than half of U.S. states, and the industry is thriving. But the market has gone way beyond the strains themselves, with companies keen to showcase their innovation at every given opportunity. The realization that cannabis has therapeutic, skin-healing qualities as a topical helped... Continue Reading →

Energy Saving with Smart AC Controllers

WiFi connected devices are now an integral part of every modern home. Smart AC controllers are no exception. These sleek and futuristic looking devices bring a host of different features to your air conditioning, from scheduling controls to temperature and humidity-based triggers, and also global controls. The most enticing aspect of these smart AC controllers... Continue Reading →

How to Curb Binge Eating during COVID

Trying to eat well during normal times is tough enough but attempting to curb binge eating during COVID is another level of difficulty. The pandemic is a new and unpredictable situation, which makes people respond in different ways. For some people, the anxiety stemming from the pandemic can cause food cravings. For others, feeling lonely... Continue Reading →

4 Tips to Be More Present Everyday

It doesn’t matter if you’re coming home from a long day at work or you’re finishing up a wearisome stint spent cooped up laboring in your home office, once you’re back on the homefront, it can be difficult to detach from your responsibilities and be present.  Maintaining a healthy work-life balance and learning to simply... Continue Reading →

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