9Apps – Download Android Apps With No Registration

About 9apps For Android

Whenever Smartphone users want to download any android apps, the first thing that clicks on users mind is Google play store. Well, it is quite acceptable since it is the default play store for Android devices that comes with. But, imagine, what would you do to download the app from if not Google play store? Apart from it, for those people, who are suffering from threat free application and paying huge money for premium apps, it is time to switch to the best thing because now you are available with such. With 9apps, you can now download any android threat free apps at no cost.

Why Use 9Apps Rather Than Other Play Stores?

If you are still wondering why you should install 9apps download on your Android device, then here is the info that you must go through. Its salient features and its benefits are given here, take a look, after which, you sure would regret not using this app earlier.

Excellent Features Of 9apps

  • It is too small in size of about 3mb and so it requires less storage space
  • Enable user to learn and to utilize new android apps for free
  • Safe platform to get threat free and secured application
  • Includes a wide range of application in different fields
  • With just one click, the user can download any apps
  • A user-friendly interface so the user can easily access this app
  • Enable fast downloading speed for downloading apps
  • The user can get hassle-free experience with this app

Do Users Need Any Registration For 9apps Download?

Since this app is the open platform, it doesn’t ask for the user to sign in or sign up with any Google account in order to download this app. It requires no sign in procedure to download it from both the official portal and mobile app. Once respective URL is entered, the user can download this app to enjoy its features. Simply put, its registration is free on all available portals. So you can just download this app to get full access to its wonderful features.

Xender App Download And Install

Xender app is best known for enabling easy sharing of photos, music and to transfer all files without any external devices. This app is one of the must-have Android apps for the users since it enables the fast, convenient and simple way to transfer any files in an instant.

If you want to use this feature, then consider Xender app install on your device. In case, if you are still wondering why you should use this app, take a look at its excellent features,

  • The user can share any sort of files in an instant at any time
  • It uses no mobile data
  • Enable 200 times faster transfer speed than Bluetooth
  • It doesn’t require USB connection or other
  • Helps to send even large files without any limitation
  • Transfer files by using wifi

The best thing is that it does all these services without any additional devices.

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