Attire For 5 Different Types of Wedding dress codes

Whether it is a celebration of your sister, friend, co-worker, or anyone close, weddings are most certainly an excuse to let loose and have fun all day and night. But, things often go fun to not so fun, when some kind of tricky dress code comes into the picture.

The black-tie wedding is something we all know about, but how is it different from black tie optional? And, what makes a perfect pick for a semi-formal affair? (Definitely not anything like jeans, ever).  Here, I have broken down 5 common wedding dress codes and what to wear for each so you can show up into any setting with confidence.

White tie

White tie events are as formal as it gets, and this type of weddings are not common these days. But, if you are invited to one, then dressing upright is imperative. Though opinions vary, it is always safe to stick with long dresses that barely show your legs. One of your most elegant princess evening gowns can be the right pick for this type of wedding.

Ball gowns are always preferred for this wedding, but you should put your comfort first. If you find large poufy dresses a little uncomfortable to move and sit in, then go for a slimmer gown (but, not body fitted). Team your outfit with your most lavish jewelry and hair.

Black tie

Chances of getting invited in this type of wedding are often more, as the black tie is one of the most common wedding dress codes. You can choose to wear your fancy cocktail dress in such events, preferably long gown if it is in fall or winter. No need to sport a ball gown, rather you can try a body-fitting silhouette with luxe and fancy finishes, like satin, sequin, and feather.

Black Tie Optional

Black tie optional let you all to be a little more ambiguous. You can either choose a long or short evening dress for attending this type of wedding. Keep in mind the event set to decide how formal your dress need to be. For a lux ballroom, wearing a classic black or mid-night blue silhouette floor-length gown or satiny high low style dress. Whereas, for an outdoor wedding, something shorter would fit right in velvet or satin fabric.


A cocktail dress code for wedding mean you do not need to deal with long gowns anymore. Get ready to mingle with the crowd in a chic short dress. Take inspiration from the latest trends for a spin, like 80s ruffles and statement sleeves or something with lace-y details.


The semi-formal dress code calls for something more relaxed. Such celebrations often happen in daytime or outdoor. But, you still need to look elegant and polished. Keep the attire relaxed and unfussy, a breezy high-low dress or a cute spaghetti short dress could get the job done.

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