6 Reasons Why An Under Sink Water Filter Is The Ideal Choice For Your Kitchen

The latest kitchen cabinets with counter tops and built in the kitchen sink are becoming modern. With this modernization of the Kitchen, you can now also go for the so-called Under-the-Counter or Under Sink Water filters, which are designed for use in our modern kitchens with the built-in sinks.

The RO unit is specially designed for use in modern kitchens and is the most widely used type of water filter in Australia and other advanced countries.

Here are some reasons why you should go for under sink water filter for your kitchen:


This type of water filter stays hidden in the kitchen cabinet under the sink and saves space on the counter for other things.

  1. Convenience

The sink next to the main kitchen tap is equipped with a convenient high curved tap, known as the faucet or purified water tap. This is very convenient for filling bottles, as the bottles can be stored on the kitchen sink and filled without holding them. There is also no problem if water spills over the bottle when it is full, as the water falls into the sink directly.

  1. Flow and pressure

The water comes out of the faucet with good pressure and flows, as the purified water is stored under the counter in a large hydrostatic air tank. The pressure in the under sink RO hydrostatic tank is always good since it is automatically filled with purified water with the full pressure of the under sink RO electric pump.

If there is no electricity, purified water is still obtained with good pressure from the hydrostatic water storage tank of the under – sink RO unit via the purified water tap or faucet. The pressure from the under-sink RO purified water tap or faucet is always very good.

  1. Gravity

In case of a wall-mounted water purifier, the purified water flows gravitationally from the storage tank of the wall-mounted water purifier the pressure and flow of water is slow and takes more time to fill than from the RO facet which is under the sink. You must hold the bottle while filling and be very careful not to spill water because it falls on the floor.

  1. Size

Since the size of an under sink RO water purifier has no limitations, full – size 10-inch sediment and activated carbon pre-filters can be used and a larger air bladder can be included in the pressurized water storage tank. This is not the case with wall-mounted or counter-top water purifiers, as all parts of the water purifier and pure water storage tank must be fitted within a limited size cabinet. Thus, Smaller, non-standard filter cartridges and smaller pure water storage tanks are used in counter-top and wall mounted filters as a compromise.

  1. Expense

The non-standard replacement parts in an RO water purifier mounted on the counter-top/ wall tend to be more costly than the more efficient and larger standard 10-inch pre-filter cartridges of a water filter under the counter. Therefore, service charges for under sink water filters tend to be cheaper.

So go for a wall mounted or countertop variety for your kitchen, be wise and go for the under the sink water filter.

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