Yes, a Virtual Phone Number Is Important for Your Business!

Did you know that a virtual phone number will not have any physical phone line linked with it? Given this, all calls routed via the virtual number of your company can be monitored and tracked for better performance. If you are still wondering about the need for a virtual phone number for your business, then this article is for you.

Here, you will get to know why you require a call center software and separate phone number that is tied to your business.

Virtual Phone Number for Businesses

In today’s competitive scenario, organizations are using a dedicated business phone number for routing incoming customer calls on the basis of their customer’s inputs to the right agents; the call routing is done via an IVR system. This is despite your business having multiple mobile phone connections for your day to day operations.

Overview of Virtual Phone Numbers for Businesses

By including an Office Phone System, your business can provide for a separation of calls that are meant for work and business.

  • A business phone number can be empowered by Internet-based technology to configure with powerful features.
  • A call center software comes in handy for setting the time when calls can be forwarded, “out of office” messages can be formatted, regular calls can be pre-set and organized, etc.

The following reasons will throw light on why you should apply for a business phone number with CallHippo at the earliest.

1. Add a Touch of Professionalism

Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, owner of a startup, freelancer, etc. working out of the home, a café or office, you cannot rely on your cellphone to handle all incoming calls. Additionally, you need to provide a professional image for your business. By having an Online phone number to connect with your vendors, customers and clients, you can retain your cell phone number for personal use.

  • By having a VoIP Phone System in place, you can also impress upon your potential customers that you are not running a one-person shop.
  • Instead of a landline number, opt for smartphone service from where you can forward calls to your mobile if required.

2. Important Calls will No Longer be Missed!

Integration of the right call center software will help you enable smart call forwarding so that your private mobile phone number is not exposed to business contacts. More importantly, you will always be in a position to receive important calls from your potential customers.

  • Set up different phone numbers for your various departments or functions.
  • Smart fixed line services can be used for setting up the situations wherein the calls will be forwarded to your number. No calls will be missed, and you can expect your business to become more competitive and progressive.
  • A hotline can also be set up for customer queries regarding products, upcoming events, etc.

3. Ensure that your Customers Know You Care!

If you are busy and cannot take a call at any given time, then your Internet-based phone number can be configured to such that the caller can leave a message for you.

Effectively, this will enable your customers to know that you care for them as they will not be dealing with dull answering machine messages.

4. Get Clearer Calls

In some cases, it is impossible for other parties to hear clearly as cell phone signals may be weak. This can be difficult to tackle in case you are organizing important conference calls.

By having a virtual business phone number that’s connected to your fixed line network/ smartphone connection, you can guarantee a safeguard against disruptions happening to wireless calls due to bad network.

5. Keep Overheads in Check

Given all the advantages it provides, a virtual phone system serves to be an immensely affordable solution. No equipment is required ― the service will be offered via SaaS (Software as a Service), wherein all maintenance issues are managed by the provider.

Way Forward

As a US virtual phone number will exist independently, and will not be bound to a conventional phone number, landline or sim-card, your business can get a single gateway that will cater to multiple inbound lines. Get in touch with the CallHippo to buy the call center software you need. Once you have a virtual number for your business, regardless of a business industry or specifics, the accessibility for your product and services will increase manifold. Be it in terms of convenience, safety, accessibility or cost-efficiency, having a dedicated business phone number will surely take you places.

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