7 Easy Ways To do effective Hatha Yoga for healthy life!!

Yoga is often mistaken as an alternative word for stretching, but yoga is much more than that. It involves stretching the muscles but along with it also helps in balancing, strengthening and calming the mind when the body is struggling and is in an imbalanced state. Yoga is extremely therapeutic and healing although being challenging. It helps to release tension, stress and makes the body relaxed and flexible. Certain yoga poses help in supporting, cleansing, toning and restoring the organs.

There are many types of yoga and subdivisions within the groups out of which hatha yoga is the most popular one and focuses on physical poses or postures working mostly on the spine. ‘Ha’ means ‘sun,’ and ‘tha’ means ‘moon,’ meaning both “hot” and “cool” postures. Yin, Vinyasa, and Bikram are some of the subgroups contained within hatha yoga. Practicing twice or thrice per week for one hour can render many benefits to the body.  The postures are calming and improves posture and imbalances in the body.

7 easy ways to do effective hatha yoga for effective life are:

  1. Contracting and stretching of the muscles to improve the immune system of the body and enabling the organs to function freely. Coming in and out of hatha yoga postures increase the drainage of lymph helping the lymphatic system in fighting and preventing infections, disposal of toxic waste of the body and destruction of harmful body cells.
  2. Breathing in, holding on to your breath and then exhaling out helps in relaxing the mind by releasing stress and tension contained in mind. This breathing exercise is an effective way of calming down your overactive mind and crushes anxiety.
  3. All the nerves are connected to the spine and branch out from it which also connects various other organ systems directly to the brain. Practicing hatha yoga postures for the nervous system makes the spine supple and flexible so that the nerves are strong and proper health is maintained. Rigid spine cords often prevent free impulse flow throughout the body making the internal organs weak and prone to diseases.
  4. Holding onto the hatha yoga posture for a varied period of time or longer duration can help strengthens and tone the body. Repeating it a multiple times can improve functional fitness and also grants strength and stretch to the body naturally.
  5. Increasing flexibility through hatha yoga is an effective way. First, the focus is on the increasing the elasticity between connective tissues which binds the muscle fiber and connects them with other organs without much stretching of the muscle fiber. The next focus is on the involuntary nervous system and the stretch reflex action.
  6. Hatha yoga also helps in crushing cravings by maintaining a balance in the body and system. It curbs down all the ineffective desires of overeating or sleeping too much and consuming high content of sugar and sour food or might be drinking and smoking.
  7. Hatha yoga is efficiently effective in achieving symptoms of good health.Real hunger, good digestion power, a sound good night sleep, perfect functioning of all the organs of the body, adequate pulsation, proper evacuation of wastes and toxicity from the body along with happiness of the mind and soul.
  • Sydney is very famous for ayurvedic treatments and medicines, and hatha yoga in Sydney has also received much appreciation and support from the people there. Due to the various benefits and positive response received from the numerous people, hatha yoga has become a very important part of the yoga therapy.

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