Quit Having Heavy Evening SnacksFor Good Reasons

Snacking in the evening is the most common sight but what is even more common and alarming is that most people resort to unhealthy snacking in the evening.

  • More often than not, these foods are greasy or oily, fired or high in salt and sugar, carb and all those things that are supposed to be absent in a healthy food.
  • On the other hand, if you have healthy snack in the evening it will satisfy your hunger pangs and make you feel fuller thereby preventing you from overeating and gaining fat and weight at places least desired.

Simply eliminate your unhealthy food lifestyle to make sure that you fulfill the purpose of snacking especially in the evening.

According to experts, the most significant purpose of an evening snack is not to eat heavy and fill your stomach but simply to beat the pre-mealtime hunger pangs without actually filling your stomach.

Ideally, the concept of evening snacks emerged as a means to block the continual hunger pangs by having light food. However, most people inevitably turn to fried foods as their evening snack which has some serious consequences both in the short as well as in the long term such as:

  • This fills the stomach with unnecessary elements other than any nutrient often resulting in skipping your dinner.
  • In addition to that, you tend to eat at odd hours of the night which disrupts the metabolism of your body.
  • Moreover, you tend to go to bed with your stomach full which further affects your digestive system in a negative manner.

Therefore, even if it is your guests, do not ever serve heavy snacks in the evening simply thinking that they will leave your house feeling dissatisfied.

Effects of unhealthy snacking

A late evening snacking is essential and has become an integral part of the daily diet of almost all people but it has turned to be heavy snacking mainly due to their hectic lifestyles. Ideally, it should be a light snack comprising healthy and tasty item. It will then not hamper your dinner time but will successfully meet with your evening hunger pangs.

Therefore, even if you are an ardent food lover, try to resist those delicious savory snacks.There are a several other reasons to resist heavy evening snacking with unhealthy food items.

  • It will do more harm than good to your health
  • It will even change your food habits.
  • It will be the cause of several health issues which will turn to be chronic when you aggravate these issues further by leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Apart from delayed dinner and reduced digestion, unhealthy and heavy evening snacking will cause several other side effects, which is why you should stick to more classic snacks delivery.

  • When you are full and the food takes a long time to get digested you will have your health problems going ahead. Since these food items are mostly rich in carbohydrates, salt and sugar and very low in nutritional value, this unhealthy heavy evening snacking habit will slowly but surely affect your liver, pancreas, and even your heart. Greasy or oily food items typically contain dietary fats of different kinds that will lead to an elevated blood sugar level and also high level of cholesterol. More often than not, these unhealthy snacks also lack in the quality of ingredients usedespecially the oil if you are eating fried foods.
  • It may also result in weight gain if you constantly consume these heavy snacks in the evening. Obesity is often the cause of greasy foods even if it is consumed in small quantities. The main reason for this is that these food items carry a high amount of calories. Moreover, the effect can be all the more serious if you lead a less active lifestyle as this additional weight may further aggravate your health problems that may include high blood pressure, fatty liver, heart diseases, sleep apnea, asthma and even degenerative arthritis.
  • Metabolic deregulation is another issue that your body will experience when you have these foods in the evening that has high fat and calorie content. No matter how convenient it may seem, these food items will surely affect your metabolism as these foods take much longer time to get digested as compared to any other normal food. It will therefore slowdown the entire mechanism of your digestive system. You will suffer from constant indigestion that will usually lead to complications such as heartburn, nausea, fullness, and upper abdominal pain as well.
  • Surprising as it may sound, such food habits will also result in tooth decay. As you may know, brushing your teeth is a process that keeps your teeth clean and removes the germs. However, you seldom brush your teeth in the evening after having these greasy or oily food items. That means, having such foods frequently will give the germs enough time to form and stay there affecting your gums and tooth thereby increasing the risk of tooth decay. The bacteria in your plaque will produce a lot more acids that will damage the enamel especially those food items that are rich in carbohydrates, a favorite food of the plaque bacteria.

Therefore, if you have not already, it is time to quit your unhealthy heavy evening snacking habit and ensure you have a good night’s sleep and healthy heart by nibbling on healthy and light snacking items only.

You may surf the net to look for such healthy food item or even get in touch with your nutritionist for that matter. Ideally, you should stick to healthy items such as:

  • Low calorie salted popcorns
  • Apples with a spoonful of peanut or almond butter
  • Bran flakes with flavoredor plain yoghurt
  • Chicken grilled sandwich and an apple shake
  • Fresh fruits
  • Cornflakes
  • Vegetable sandwiches
  • Biscuits and
  • Boiled egg.

Well, this is not an exhaustive list and may vary according to the availability of food items in your area. Make sure that you have your evening snacks between 4 and 6 pm. This will help you to have the appetite to have your dinner on time to live a longer and healthier life.

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