Use Online Platforms to Get into Your Desired Engineering University

Admission in Engineering Universities around Pakistan

Well, every student who has completed intermediate with majors in Mathematics, Computer Science or DAE, wants to get admission in reputed engineering universities around Pakistan. But before admission, students need to undergo an entry test that is totally based on concepts of the previous academic career. Students have to secure considerably excellent marks in order to see their names in the lists of top universities. For this reason, a proficient preparation of entry test is required because it occupies its own significant place and has pattern completely opposite to general exams of intermediate level. Mainly Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT) is prescribed for the most prestigious institutions like University of Engineering and Technology (UET) and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology and 40 others. Likewise, GIKI, PIEAS, FAST and NUST have their own criteria of testing. So, for most of the students it appears a big obstacle in the way of their admission.

Opting Online Platforms to get into desired Universities

It stands to reason that the trend of getting services of academies for entry test preparation is quite old as it was the only option we had back in the early 2000s. It was only then that people got some wonderful alternatives with the increase in technology and that was the time when online platforms threw their hat in the ring. With the upswing in technology, we have excellent alternatives for getting access to the things we want to know and learn. In this post, we are going to talk about how online platforms are lifesavers for most of the students these days. Without further ado, let’s get on with this:

Some Shrewd and Effective Online entry test preparation Platforms

#1 is one of the best platforms for online entry test preparation and it contains the solution for all kinds of entry tests such as MDCAT, ECAT etc. The students can get access to all the material required for the preparation of entry tests. The super interesting thing about this remarkable platform is that it presents students with separate portions for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English textbook MCQs for both F.Sc part 1 and part 2. Every single test is time framed so that students would be able to keep tabs on their preparation along the way. Let’s see what benefits can offer to the students.

Video Lecture setup for better understanding of concepts hits the nail on the head when it comes to practice tests. Yes, a relevant video lecture is placed against the specific practice test so that students have no need to consult notes or textbooks before attempting the test session. That’s something really, really beneficial, isn’t it? So, just listen to the video lecture just before taking on the practice test and go with the flow right now. That’s that.

Time-framed Tests

The other big advantage of Taleem.PK is that they provide the students with time-based tests. This way, students would be able to attempt the test in the allowed time frame. That’s really helpful as per the entry test point of view. Moreover, the modern tools keep a record of the tests attempted by the students to allow them to work on the weak areas over and over again. That’s fructiferous, isn’t it?

Obtainable anywhere, anytime

It goes without saying that a student would only be able to do the preparation if he gets peace of mind and ease of access to the preparation material. That’s the area where beats the traditional outdated ways of entry test preparation. Traveling is something that trouble students having whereabouts in remote areas. That said, they need to travel several kilometers to reach out to academics and attend the lectures. With, students have learning material at hand and can study while even sitting at their favorite pillow. With the ease of access and peace of mind that offers, students can now do the entry test preparation in a much better way and win themselves a seat in well-reputed engineering or medical universities.


Next entry test preparation platform on our list is Undoubtedly, it is one of the most active and vigilant platforms for online entry test preparation. The best thing about this incredible platform is that it covers all the areas of the education system. The meaning of ilm ki duniya is “The world of knowledge” and it covers information regarding education, jobs and the annual results. One can get every single information through this platform as everything is available in some clicks. For entry test preparation specifically ECAT and MDCAT, has got everything as per the requirements of entry test aspirants- no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Educational News portal

Having said that, not only offers online entry test preparation but also complete information regarding the education system. So, we can make the case that this platform is an incredible educational informer. With that, it also publishes official results of major boards and universities to get the readers updated about the latest updates in the education system. features hottest news regarding education, different courses for intermediate and bachelors, admissions, past papers, the listing of popular colleges and universities, date sheets, scholarship programs, entry test preparation material, out-and-out information regarding entry test preparation, foreign studies guide, job opportunities and so on. It would be fair to declare a complete educational portal that even broadcasts online results. Whoa!

Stretched out Test Sessions offers a chance to every student to get free access to a hell lot of MCQs without paying through the nose. Yes, you heard it right, it’s absolutely free. Multiple Tests are also placed against every single so that the students can easily understand the topic all in all. All a student needs is to single out a subject and then the specific topic to take on the relevant test. Lots of students who have done the preparation using this platform sing the praises for because of the ease of access it provides the students with.

Apropos Learning Material

All the preparation stuff for medical entry test at is simply adequate and relevant to the syllabus assigned by UHS. The video lectures are also added to help students conceptualize the whole topic easily. Plus, MCQs practice exercises allow students to keep track of their preparation along the way. There is no need to spend extra bucks in bringing notes and other stuff for entry test preparation. This platform has got everything to cater to the needs of every entry test aspirant.


Coming in at number 1 on our list of top online entry test preparation platforms is Why we placed it at no 1 is not without a reason. is super responsive and top-hole online entry test platform. Be it the preparation of ECAT, MDCAT, NAT or any other entry test, has got a solution for every one of you. With unique and super productive features, this platform provides the entry test aspirants with related, adequate and updated preparation material so that the students can take on the preparation in the best possible way. Having interactive software design, can easily walk hard-working students through the entry test preparation.

It practices up-to-date teaching technologies to provide academic data, track progress and help students keep tabs on their strengths and weaknesses. While provides benefits to the students more than one can shake a stick at, some important benefits of which win it the title of a best online resource for MDCAT Preparation. Let’s get into this:

Maximum Knowledge in Minimal time provides all-out information and learning material for the preparation of MDCAT in the least possible time. So, students do not worry about time. On the off chance, students have a very short time span, will make an astructured plan for the best groundwork. Students can prepare for entry tests while sitting at home on favorite sofa and can save a lot of time. For this reason, no need to rush towards academies because can provide everything at your doorstep.

Top-hole Education at a nominal cost

Keeping a hawk eye on the needs of students, helps students make their dreams of becoming a doctor or engineer come true by providing high quality and short and easily understandable notes. The entire learning material is provided along with video lectures so that students can penetrate as they listen. This platform offers scholarships for deserving and bright students as well. has made it possible for students belonging to poor families come on the level of those who have all the luxuries of life-no ifs, and’s, and buts about it.

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