Ideal Gas Equation And Helmholtz Free Energy

An ideal gas is a type of gas that does not exist in a practical scenario but it is an assumption made for the study. Hence it is also known as theoretical gas. Ideal gas condition is an ideal state to study the behavior of the gases. An ideal gas is formed of randomly moving... Continue Reading →

Make an Effective Promotional Strategy Part of Your Business Plan

When you think of a brand, what comes into your mind? If you want to create a brand, you should first understand the deep meaning of the term branding. Branding is not all about your business name. It's how you communicate with people during advertisements. It also entails your logo, your choice of colours, and... Continue Reading →

SEO for Youtube: How to Gain Leads from Youtube Videos

Digital marketers make the most out of every opportunity through internet on how they can promote their ventures, building networks and connections, establishing relationships from other groups, and to help the, find potential customers to cater. One of the platforms that they frequently use is Youtube. From being the stepping stone to become “viral” seeing... Continue Reading →

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