Is It Better to Own a Condo or a House in Thailand?

A lot of questions are thought of when looking for property to buy in Thailand. Which is the top location to buy? Can the property supply my needs? Should I rent or buy? In this article, we’re going to discuss on the pros and cons of choosing to buy a house or a condo in Thailand. A basic thing to take note of is that a foreigner cannot quickly buy a house in the Thailand. A foreigner can purchase a leasehold on a house or own it through a nominee, like marrying a local of Thailand, but he or she cannot own a property in Thailand. Therefore, if you are thinking of purchasing a property to live in, you may either need to concentrate on accepting a leasehold, purchase it in a nominee’s name or the condo market. For more facts on buying property at Thailand, you may visit THAILANDFLAT.

For other facts about real estate, you may visit this link. With these things in mind, what are the pros and cons of buying a house and a condo? Many of it is down to circumstances, but below are some differences to consider in buying a property in Thailand.

Size and Space

Basically, a house is bigger than a condo. Most of the time a house will include a garden or yard, plus it bears more internal space, added rooms and more levels. It is something to take note of especially if you have pets or a young family. Even if there are some bigger condos on the market, like multiplexes, the price per-square-metre tends to be more expensive in condos compared to owning a house. Considering, a condo would not have any garden space to consider. Hence, if space is your priority, then buying a house is the most advisable step.


Even if a house may have a garden, it may not possess everything. There is a higher price for a house with a swimming pool, but this will be a basic facility in just about any condo in Thailand. Furthermore, the condo complex will come with facilities like a gym, restaurant and room service, shop and laundry. Hence, if having the best facilities is your focus, then buying a condo is advisable.


It is vital to choose a good location for a condo or a house. In general, condos are situated near your work vicinity, because condo developers save more in building a tower of condos on the prime real estate than a housing estate. Even if that prime real estate is near the beach in Phuket or closer to the central business district, one may find condos than houses. Hence, it may be convenient to buy a house, if you have a car and does not take to consider the use of public transport in your daily commute or taking a trip to the beach. Though, if you think of being right into action and nearer to work, then buying a condo is a good choice.

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