Skin Color And Jewelry Match And Tips For Wearing A Wristband

How to choose the jewelry that suits your skin color, we can stand under the sun, stretch out our wrists, and carefully observe the color of the blood vessels.

cold skin color + cool color jewelry

Cold skin color, more suitable for cool color jewelry. Such as blue, green, purple. Cool-toned modern mothers jewelry, often with a little mystery in the noble, can not only make you stand out in the crowd but also add a little noble and elegant temperament!

Cold skin with emeralds, beautiful and fresh, yet dignified.

Cool skin color with emperor green jade, elegant and noble, green and skin color contrast, are more glamorous.

Compared to the relatively dim jewels, the white pearls are even more chilly, and the emeralds add a finishing touch. It won’t look bad, it just won’t stand out.

Warm skin color + warm color jewelry

In the choice jewelry match with the warm skin color, you need to choose warm color jewelry as much as possible. Using the luster of warm jewels to brighten, while alleviating the dullness of the problem, can be more aura, and our Asians are also more suitable for warm color gems.

Neutral skin color + cold and warm is suitable

If it is neutral skin color, there is not much limit on the color of the jewelry you choose to wear. Colorful or simple, you can choose anyway, easy to control.

Matching good styles cannot be cumbersome.

Low collar

Jewelry necklaces and clavicle chains are the best choices when wearing a low collar in winter. The gemstones are also as simple as possible, and the volume is not too large.

Middle collar

With a half-neck sweater, the necklace should not be too long or too short, medium length, forming a gentle triangle under the collar, which is the best length.

High collar

When wearing a high-necked collar, you can use the long necklace to stretch the chest triangle, which invisibly creates a neck feeling.

The style is quite broad. Personalized people may like punk style, European and American style. Friends who live in girls may like Mori Fan and Korean Fan, while some friends will like minimalism style, ladies and gentlemen.

Personalized styles, when paired with jared jewelry promise rings, are mostly biased, and are often stacked and multi-layered.

The gentle style is the most suitable for the simple jewelry series. A variety of gemstone pendants, jade pendants, can enhance the charm from the details. But remember, you can’t use exaggerated big pieces!

Tips for wearing a wristband

Tip 1: Silver bracelets don’t “mix and match”

Some people will wear silver bracelets and other bracelets in order to pursue beauty. They are advised not to do this. Silver bracelets are the “nightmare” of all jewels. The jewels stacked with silver bracelets are either discolored or faint. make it half of function, so as long as you wear a silver bracelet, let it be “out of the box”.

Silver will turn black after oxidation, and it will be tarnished when worn with lapis lazuli for a long time.

Tip 2: Wearing a bracelet to damage the Shenmenpoint? It’s rumor!

I have heard rumors that wearing a bracelet on the left hand will damage the “Shenmenpoint” on the wrist, and in severe cases, the tendons and ligaments in the wrist will be damaged. For this statement, it’s nonsense. “Shenmenpoint” has both right and left hands. If the left hand can’t be worn, then the right hand can’t wear it. And there is a kind of therapy in Chinese medicine, massage Shenmen points, can help to sleep, regulate the nerves, calm the mind, so that the wrist wearing bracelet is not only harmless but also massage the nerves.

Tip 3: Jade bracelets have not worn both hands

Some people have a lot of bracelets. If the quantity is a lot, they will choose to wear them with both hands. In fact, it is not advisable. Before giving everyone a popular science introduction, jade grandma jewelry bracelets are not worn both hands. In fact, not only jade bracelets but also any wrist ornaments are not to be worn at the same time. It seems to be like being “handcuffed”.


The bracelets and bracelets are worn on the hand, mainly based on their efficacy, combined with health, traditional customs, and personal preferences, and there is no compulsory to say which hand must be worn. In addition to evil spirits, it is recommended to wear bracelets and bangles on the left hand to reduce the damage to them.

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