3 Creative Text Message Ideas for Your New Salon

The reward of SMS marketing is that businesses can use text messages in numerous ways to connect with their potential customers. Sweepstakes, discounts, deals, polls, and appointment reminders could be used to grow your salon business and enhance customer service. Besides, text messages are easy on your budget to promote your services and acquire leads. Did you know that approximately 90 percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes? That is because mobiles are omnipresent and 90 percent of the millennial generation sleep with their smartphones at arm’s length.

Businesses, big or small, benefit from SMS marketing in many ways. Then, why should your beauty salon be an exception? Some of the greatest challenges of your salons are missed appointments, lean business, and even if your business is moderate, busy slots make you turn away customers. There is a solution. Opting for SMS marketing could eliminate these issues and improve your business with more leads and customers. You can even improve customer loyalty if you use SMS marketing in the right way.

According to an article published on https://www.inc.com, SMS marketing is a low-cost and high return strategy to offer deals or promotional content to your customers. There are many reasons to opt for the same, first, its cost-effectiveness and most of the text messages are opened and read. However, you need to use text messages in a creative way for your salon business. Here is how:

  1. Create targeted text messages

Before you start, make sure you have sufficient information related to your customers and their likes or dislikes. It will help you send promotional messages that are relevant. You need to study the appointment history of your salon clients so that you can tailor offers that would benefit them.

Let us take an example to help you understand. For instance, one of your clients gets her hair done every 45 days. In this situation, send a text message with a discount offer on her next hairdo session at your salon. You can create a simple message somewhat like this. “Hello Julie, We at Turning Heads thought you would like a 10 percent discount on your next hairstyling.”

If you use this kind of targeted messages, your customer loyalty will increase. Your customers will return to your salon because you offer them some incentives and reward them for coming to your place. It would also show the benefits of being a part of your customer loyalty program, thus eliminating the possibilities of losing business. Try these simple yet essential ideas and you would benefit in the days to come.

  1. Appointment alerts

You have your salon open but see no client coming to your place despite an appointment. It is a very disappointing experience. There is nothing dampening than a no-show at your salon. Then, what is the solution to the problem? Fret not. Life is complicated and everyone is busy. Therefore, it is easy to forget. The solution is a simple appointment reminder to your client through a text message. It will help you as well as your client no doubt.

You can create a reminder message like this: “Hey Susanna, Do not forget your aromatherapy massage at 4 pm at our salon spa today! Please buzz us at 700-222-1247 in case you are not available. See you soon! Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”

Always address your client by her name. Send the text message a day prior to the appointment. It will give your client sufficient time to reschedule or change plans. These little things matter a lot in SMS marketing for your salon. Besides, if you want to learn more about SMS marketing for your business, click here for more information.

  1. Ideas and tips work both ways

If you offer useful beauty and hairstyle tips to your esteemed clients, there is nothing like it. Similarly, if you have an experienced and knowledgeable staff, they can delight your clients with expert beauty tips. The moral of the story is hiring trained staff and not amateur ones.

Moreover, you can increase the sale of your services or some specific beauty products by sending a message to your customers. For example, if you sell herbal shampoos, send your customers a text message to prove how the product will solve problems like dry hair, split ends, or dandruff. This is just an example. If you sell anti-aging creams, how the potion will wane wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Besides, you can ask for your customers’ feedback about your salon services through a poll. Therefore, it works both ways. Figure out which of your beauty experts are offering excellent services to your clients. How are your services helping them eliminate hair problems, skin issues, and wrinkles? Take feedback about your salon’s massage services and ambiance. Are they satisfied with the pricing, products, and schedule availability?

Salons focusing on client feedback and improving their services based on the survey are more accomplished than those not resorting to these strategies. It also helps in retaining your existing clients and acquiring new ones. Besides, you have more customer loyalty than ever. Did you know that 66 percent of clients switch to your competitors because of poor customer service?

With poor service, you not only lose existing clients but also potential ones. That is because 48 percent of your customers share their bad experience with their friends, coworkers, and share poor feedback on social media sites. It means that at least 10 people who were thinking of visiting your salon would go to your competitors. Again, 50 percent of your clients happy with your salon and using your services frequently will share positive feedback. It will help you acquire new clients. Then, 86 percent of clients will agree to shell out up to 25 percent more for outstanding customer service or experience.

Therefore, offering tips and tricks about beauty work both ways. Remember if you have the best services to offer, there is nothing to worry. You will gain customers.


Now that you have these ideas handy, use them to grow your salon business and acquire new clients while retaining your existing ones.

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