4 Steps to Take Before Relocating to a New City

Making a movie from the sleepy Midwest or perhaps from lively New York over to a new city is a bit daunting, especially if you’ve never before moved away from the city you were born in. In which case, taking some planned steps before moving is the right way to deal with any concerns about the right actions to take. It also gives you time to adjust to the idea before going ahead.

Here are four steps to take before finally relocating to a new city.

1.      Consider Giving It a Trial Run First

If you’ve never been to the new city before, then uprooting your life and moving across the country is a giant leap of faith. When having to put your home up for sale or end your lease early to do so, it’s costly enough that you don’t want to regret the move later.

To avoid this regret, consider taking time off work and staying in the new city for a month to get the feel of the place first. For instance, Bluegroundhas apartments to rent in many U.S. cities including Los Angeles (https://www.theblueground.com/apartments-in-los-angeles) where you can view the photos and listing details before booking.

While it will mean changing up your routines in the short-term, it’s better to do a trial run rather than have a major regret of choosing the wrong city that doesn’t suit you. It’s also similar to an extended vacation which isn’t bad either.

2.      Research the Best Neighborhoods

Researching a neighborhood can be done online and in person later on.

For instance, it’s possible to get the lowdown of different neighborhoods by reading blogs. Sites about real estate will often cover the differences between neighborhoods in the city they’re focused on, which is a good start. Once you’ve got an idea about geography, you can drill down to what places are better for nights out, restaurants, recommended schools, and the central business district where many of the best employers are located.

You also want to check different areas for the latest crime statistics and other relevant scoring to determine where the risky areas are and the safest ones in the city too.

It’s also useful to look at transport links as well. Whether that’s public transport or the best routes to take to get from major parts of the city to other popular spots; it’s all useful to become more familiar. After that, you really need to be on the ground visiting different neighborhoods to get a proper feel for the ones you prefer.

3.      Downsize Your Possessions

Whether you’re renting or purchasing a large home or something of similar size, the less you have to be transported, the cheaper it’ll be. Whether you’ll be shipping by courier or hiring a van and driving it there, less is more in this situation.

Trust us when we tell you that you always have more stuff than you realize. It’s stored everywhere and you’ve probably forgotten about what’s in the spare bedroom, the garage or the rented storage unit too.

Go through your items and see what you wish to keep vs sell, giveaway or dispose of. Items can be sold online through Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist. Freecycle is useful to give away items that other people can come to collect from your doorstep. Also, consider donating some things to a local charity that might pick them up too.

4.      Make Your Goodbyes with Your Friends

Whilst you may have plans to travel back to see friends or still go on vacation with them if you’ve done that previously, it’s perhaps inevitable that you’ll lose touch with a few once you move.

That’ll be natural because you’ll make new friends at the new place and spend time socializing with them. It’ll also start to get old when talking on Skype to friends if neither of you has plans to meet ever again. With less frequent phone or video calls, distance is bound to creep into the friendships when you are no longer touching base often enough.

Moving to a new city and leaving good friends behind is hard on everyone. It takes time to adjust to that, especially if you’ve known them some time. You can emotionally prepare for it, but it never gets easier.

Relocating to another city is a multi-step process where there’s even some degree of grief associated with losing friends and saying goodbye to much-loved places with fond memories. That’s not to say that new memories and indeed new friendships won’t be formed – undoubtedly they will – but there’s still this palpable sense of separation and loss associated with a big move. It’s necessary to give yourself time to prepare well and adjust over time to the change. It can be a little jarring at first because everything in a different city is so new, yet there’s the excitement of new opportunities too.

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