How to Choose Seafood Properly

In general, seafood is rich in Omega 3, protein, vitamins and minerals. Consumption is recommended at least 2 times a week. On the other hand, they have the potential for allergies and are very vulnerable to damage and contamination. So choosing where to buy and which ones to take is very important for your health. But do you know how to choose seafood? Here are some tips that you should pay attention to:

How to choose fish

– As a general tip, pay attention to where the fish are exposed. It must be covered by ice and at a maximum temperature of 5º C.

– The eyes must be bright, the gills are red and the flesh has a hard texture. Press the fish slightly and release, the meat must return. If checked, it is a sign that the fish are not fresh. Fish meat must also be whole, without holes, and offer resistance when pulled by hand.

– Sharp odor is a characteristic of food that is in the process of decline. Be careful because fresh fish smells like salt air. You might be mistaken.

How to choose shrimp

– His body must be bent.

– Don’t buy if your shrimp have red spots on the head or black on the body.

– The meat must be hard.

– Head, skin, and tail are not easily separated.

How to choose octopus

– Meat must be hard and smell cannot be accepted.

– Pay attention because octopus’s skin must be grayish, smooth and moist. If it’s blackish, don’t buy it.

How to choose oysters and shellfish

– Shells must be closed and tightened.

– When pressed, they should not produce noise or crackling. Once cooked, only eat what has been opened. Oysters smell strong, but not sour.

– If you smell sour, be careful, because your oysters may no longer be good for consumption.

How to choose squid

– Even though the skin is red, the flesh must be very pale; may not have sticky and blurry skin.
– Buy only if the squid is stored on ice.

How to choose lobster and crab

– Lobster and crabs can be bought alive or dead. We recommend you to buy online (of course from reputable online stores) because you might be able to have more choices. Buying crabs is quite difficult for some people and the best crab is often a gift for those who have experienced it.

– If you buy dead, they must have their shells intact and their claws intact.

– If you choose to buy it alive, choose one that is very active and heavier.

Any smelly seafood is around three to four days old and should be avoided. If seafood has a salty odor or doesn’t smell at all, it’s fresh and you can buy it.

With these tips, you will buy fresh seafood for delicious recipes. Remember that any fresh seafood can have serious health consequences. Hopefully, this article will benefit you.

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