Top-Rated 2019 Kodi Sports Addons and Free VPN for PS4

There are hundreds of Kodi add-ons out there in the official and official repositories, but many of them are obsolete now. For the Kodi community for sports streaming, there are endless opportunities to access existing sporting content online, including live streaming and sports videos from across the globe.

The best Kodi sports add-ons are so easy to download and install. In this article, we are discussing some (not all the top ones) of the Kodi sports add-ons which can provide you on-demand sports content. The sports fans of soccer, American football, golf, baseball, WWE, cricket, boxing, Gran Prix, tennis, MMA fighting, basketball and verities of other sporting events can find their best add-ons options here.

Kodi sports add-ons

  1. Supremacy Sports

The add-on offers a unique sports streaming experience to the users. You can also watch many ITPV channels and sports documentaries under various categories out there. Here are both SD and HD streaming links on Supremacy Repository. The catalog features Ace streams,Reddit Soccer streams, BT Sports, Sports Channels,Football Documentaries,Sports Movies, Live events, and UKTV Sports, etc.

  1. Rising Tides

Rising Tides is an IPTV Kodi sports add-on which will let you enjoy your favorite sporting events live. The add-on offers top quality streams of various sporting events like Football, NFL, Boxing, Cricket, Motorsports, Golf and more. This is a third-party add-on for Kodi, which is at the Mullafabz Repository and also now available in the Lazy Kodi repository.

  1. Joker Sports

Joker Sports is a wonderful Kodi add-on to access live sports and IPTV resources. You can feature the top channels like ESPN,Sky Sports,BT Sports,BeIN Sports, etc. through Joker Sports. You can watch everything from US American football to APA tours and Formula 1 racing on it.

  1. Chronos

Chronos for Kodi is another new IPTV add-on, which offers live TV, live sports, and concerts, etc. Chronos is also rapidly expanding as along with IPTV channels; you can view movies, music, etc. too 24/7.

Some other considerable options in terms of sports Kodi add-ons arecCloud TV, Sports Devil, Just Sports,Sports Replays R Us, Selfless KodiAddon,Sport 365 Live, BOOM,Duck Shit, Pure Sports, etc.

Top free VPNs for PS4

For gaming enthusiasts owning a Platy Station 4 device, usage of a VPN will help to safeguard your privacy online. You will get your data encrypted while accessing PS$ and also that you can access the games which are geo-restricted in your area. Here are the expert choices of VPNs for PS4.


It is one of the all-time favorite VPNs in the top 10 lists. Relatively easy to use, NordVPN is very affordable also to all type of users. There is a free trial, and the premium packages also cost a meager amount as $2.75 per month. Once after you buy it, one may give it back if no satisfied and get the full refund also within 30days.


ExpressVPN is also an excellent option in PS4 VPN. The network of this provider is not as comprehensive as NordVPN but is pretty impressive with about 1000 servers. The provider has a presence at 94 locations, and you may even access the geo-restricted content using a different IP.

Some other options in free VPN for PS4 include IPVanish, Turbo VPN, Hotspot Shield, CyberGhost, etc.

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