6 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Backyard

Whether you hope to live in your house for the next 15 or 20 years, or you’re planning to sell within the next few months, there’s a case to be made for fixing up your backyard and making it a more desirable component of your larger property. 

Here are some simple and effective upgrades you can perform with little time or money. 

  • Clean Up

Why don’t you spend more time outside? If you’re like most people, you don’t spend nearly as much time in your backyard as you should simply because it isn’t inviting. And if it isn’t inviting, chances are it’s overgrown and messy. Thus, the first step to upgrading your backyard is to clean it up.

Cleaning up your backyard means raking leaves, pulling weeds by a good weed eater, trimming bushes, removing excessive undergrowth, and throwing away all of those dirty, moldy outdoor toys that haven’t been touched in years. The objective here is to get rid of anything that makes your backyard dirtier or more cluttered than it has to be. In addition to making your yard more beautiful, this also serves the dual purpose of removing hiding spots for insects, critters, and mosquitos. 

  • Create More Privacy

Assuming you live in a neighborhood with houses on either side of you – and perhaps one directly behind you, as well – the next step is to create more privacy. 

Privacy can be established in a variety of ways. Landscaping is the best option, though this takes time. (If you have the space and clearance, your best bet is to plant mature evergreen trees like Emerald Greens or Leyland Cypresses. Under the right conditions, these trees can grow a few feet per year.) You can also use things like pergolas and canopies.  

  • Build a Fire Pit

The key to upgrading your backyard is to make it a place where you want to spend time. This means giving yourself a reason to hang out – particularly in colder weather when you’re much more prone to stay inside. Enter the fire pit!

Building a fire pit doesn’t require any experience in construction or design. You can make one as simple as you’d like – using nothing more than a large aluminum container – or you can go all out and design a custom gas fire pit with a stone surround. It’s your call!

  • Add a Shed

Is your house feeling a little crowded? Do you have a lot of unused space in the backyard? Why not add a shed? We’re not talking about a basic plywood shed where lawnmowers and old bikes go to die. We’re talking about a livable shed that houses a home office, guest bedroom, man cave, yoga studio, or  playroom. 

There are plenty of DIY shed building plans available online, as well as pre-fab kits you can have installed for you. Make sure it matches your home and get clearance from your HOA before pursuing this project.

  • Build an Outdoor Kitchen

If you enjoy grilling, an outdoor kitchen could add a totally new dynamic to your home. Outdoor kitchens – which typically consist of a grill, refrigerator, sink, counterpace, and storage cabinets – are convenient, versatile, and increase the resale value of your home.

If you’re handy and know how to follow instructions, there’s no reason you can’t build your own. If you’d prefer not to, there are plenty of local professionals who can help you out. Do it now so that you can enjoy it sooner rather than later!

  • Hang Some Lights

There’s something about lighting that takes a backyard from being average to great. With all of the low-cost string lights and DIY landscape lighting options available online, you can light up your entire backyard for just a couple hundred dollars.

Give Your Backyard Some Life 

If you’re looking for one way to improve your property and make your home more beautiful and appealing, the backyard is a great place to start. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon DIY project that you can do this weekend, or you’re looking to hire a professional to execute a total redesign, there’s unlimited potential. 

Look at your backyard as a blank canvas ready to be painted. The more creative your brushstrokes, the more transformation will happen. Good luck!  

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