Explore the Best of Morocco in 2020

One might have visited plenty of global destinations; some romantic, some adventurous, some beautiful, and some even not worthy to be visited again. It’s all about the travel experience you gain to keep it as a remembrance life long. One such destination that proves its worth by reviving the ancient Arabic and Berber culture and brings it to life, is Morocco. The lifestyle display and traditional outlook of the place transcend you to something never seen before and can rarely be experienced anywhere today.  Morocco vacations let you explore the beauty of this destination, covering each eccentric and unique place blessed to the city. 

It is recommended to list Morocco on the top of your bucket list as its a place not to be missed but to be kissed. Before digging deep into the places to cover, let’s gaze at the reasons why I said to keep it your first priority for your next travel.

  • Warm, welcoming people to witness
  • Rich ancient culture to look
  • Busting nightlife to see
  • Exotic and authentic food to experience
  • Exquisite options for accommodation and stay
  • And much more

You can get the practical feel by visiting the place in actual, counting your journey to be an absolute worth of time and money. 

Now without further ado, let’s take a paper tour of Morocco deep down:

# Asilah

The seaside Asilah is a popular place in Morocco, situated on its North Atlantic coast, it is one of the priority places to visit by the vacationers. The sandy beaches and the present look of this place would never say that it was a center of trade in the bygone era where pirates used it for their operations. 

Travelers who need tranquility and want to stay away from the crowd can look forward to this place in hot summers, enjoying the picturesque scenery of the whitewashed buildings around them.

Youngsters prefer to visit Asilah in August to attend the town’s vibrant Arts Festival with zeal and glory.

# High Atlas

The mountain of mountains is the highest mountain range in North Africa and is no less than a paradise for trekkers and climbers from Spring to Autumn. 

The range includes Toubkal National Park, and one can make a headstart for hiking from the Berber village. The Todra gorge (located on the eastern part of High Atlas) with Dades rivers form out beautiful views of the canyons.

Adventurous people can go for experiencing the spectacular views of the Dades Valley where its cliffs see a transition from changing its colors to ocher to rose to deep red with the changing daylight.

High Atlas is one of the most breathtaking places of Morocco with Jurassic peaks, portraying the beauty of their own. Can’t resist? Put on your hiking shoes and get going! Checkout the Morocco Vacation Packages for more details.

# Essaouira

The place could look a bit familiar as it can be seen in some shots of the third part of the Game of Thrones. It’s also a famous spot popular for attracting celebs like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley, and on your visit to Essaouira, you can be the lucky one meeting one of your favorites.

Apart from this, the town charms to display its narrow streets, red-blue painted abodes, beautiful busy harbor and not to forget is a hotspot for kitesurfing and windsurfing. The city’s medina focusses on artifacts that are crafted using century-old techniques.

The unique beauty of the people and the place makes it one of the yop attractions of Morocco.

# Fez

Don’t get confused with Fes or Fez it’s the same. Fez has been a former capital of Morocco and is its third-largest city which still maintains its past culture and portrays the overall ancient history of Morocco.

One can see the world’s oldest university (University of Al-Karaouine), an old culture where transportation of goods is done on donkeys and is also known to retain its two old medinas. Controlling the population and pollution, Fez is said to be the globe’s largest carfree urban area.

While on your tour you’ll see some places restricted only to Muslims, but seeing the exteriors and the architectures of the monuments from outside will contribute to making your day.

# Chefchaouen

If you see building with various shades of blue, then you are in the blue city of Morocco, i.e., Chefchaouen. It’s popular for shopping antique crafts and masterpieces which imbibe in themselves the Moroccon touch and feel.

Places to visit in this blue town include Ras El Maa’s fascinating waterfalls, town’s beautiful landscapes, the architecture of the Outa el Hammam square, and surrounding countryside.

You will be mesmerized by seeking the hospitality of the locals and the welcoming nature of the people.

# Meknes

Meknes served as the country’s capital in the 17th century when the ruling power was in the hands of Sultan Moulay Ismail. The Sultan turned the city into an impressive one following the Spanish-Moorish style, building high walls and huge tall gates.

Meknes is a showcase of Moroccan architecture where the city’s monuments display impressive carvings with traditional style and design, reviving the past to the present. 

Top historical attractions include Royal Stables, the Museum of Moroccan Art, and the Roman ruins at nearby Volubilis.

# Rabat

Located on the Moroccan coast, Rabat is a top-rated tourist destination and the country’s capital. To be precise, it was named one of the top travel destinations of 2013 by CNN.

The wide boulevards and beautiful outdoor cafes make the new parts of the city pleasant. Also, most of the travelers visit the old town and shop leather and carpets, while soaking deep in the incredibly amazing culture of the entire place. Another worth visiting site is the Kasbah des Oudaias overlooking the ocean.

# Marrakech

Taken a view from a high level will make you realize that the city shines in red and is, therefore, called the Red City because of its sandstone buildings. It’s an imperial city and north Africa’s renowned destinations which attracts not only travel lovers but also may filmstars and other celebrities.

The best of the place can be revealed by taking a walking tour and exploring the snake charmer, local delicacies (eating sheep’s head, having a massage in public bath, etc.), visiting the botanical garden blending art deco, and much more.

Undoubtedly, you will spend a memorable time in the city excursions, sipping mint tea at the popular tea houses.

# Sahara Dessert

A must-visit place in Morocco is the Sahara Desert, which a person might have read about its beauty only in books. But on a Morocco journey, one can feel the peace and nature’s beauty watching the gorgeous sunset over the dunes, and gazing the night stars which seem to be too close in the limitless sky.

One can opt for desert safaris and camel caravans, savor the views of Draa Valley or even go for a camel safari group trek. 

Trust me; the desert has an unknowingly scenic beauty that is captivating and unforgettable, so don’t forget to snap pictures to capture lifetime memories.

Happy Travelling!

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