What is Video Analytics All About?

Video analytics was first invented as a video surveillance software. A security guard or a security manager may never have time to watch hours of videos. Any human will get bored and lose the sharp senses when gone into hours of surveillance, but a software or a machine will not. That is why video analytics! It makes your security system more efficient, effective and capable of detecting suspicious incidents that were previously ignored by the human eye. It can also reduce costs on your staff and management.

How Does Video Analytics Work?

Video analytics software companies developed various ways where this software can be used. Primarily this is installed on your security cameras. There are various versions and types available depending on the type of security you want. For example, a home security software will have features detecting home invasion. Those installed at museums will have features to prevent precious artifacts from being stolen. Retail stores will have motion detection features alerting the security guards of shoplifting. ATMs can also have motion and face detection for suspicious withdrawal. Therefore each will have its own level of software. We will get some examples of this software in films. Thriller movies always show some form of face detection techniques that helps solve crimes!

The most popular function of video analytics is motion detection in a fixed background. A more complex and technical function can include ego-motion estimation and video tracking. Emotion estimation is a highly advanced technique where the software tracks and analyses the 3D motion in the camera. Amber Alert is another interesting function where the software identifies a vehicle in violation of traffic laws. The software uses a number of techniques like behavior analysis, motion sensors, image compression, and connectivity.

The business of Video Analytics

Technology must advance at all levels. As we have better connectivity and cloud storage, so must video surveillance and intelligent video tracking. The Global Video Analytics Market Report formed in the year 2016, estimated a rise in the market from USD 1.69 billion to a USD 4.23 billion by 2021. They research and saw a growing demand for infrastructural safety; safety and security have become the primary concern of humanity and hence advanced technologies like this are being invented. Many video analytics services companies are upgrading HD video quality recording, biometric recognition, behavioral detection and many more. Video analytics also uses mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques to perfect itself.


The market is also driven by a growing demand for automation and a secure computing environment. Hence there has been a large adoption of video surveillance throughout the world. It comes in where human intelligence stops and manages huge video data within minutes. It helps save time, effort and cost and an opportunity of machine-made perfection. Among the countries of the world, the USA is the top country to rely on video analytic applications. It is expected to be the fastest-growing business in the US. Some other countries to follow suit are China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Europe.

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