Looking for Computer Monitoring Software? Here are 4 Things You Should Consider Before You Choose One

If you’ve decided to buy computer monitoring software for your company, good for you – you’ve made a huge step towards a better overview of your employees’ performance and more optimized efficiency. But you know all this. Now it’s time to actually pick the best screen monitoring software for your business.


However, as soon as you start looking for the right solution and reading through all the app and website monitoring software reviews, you’ll realize that you have an incredibly large number of options. To make your task a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of four relatively easy-to-check things you should take into account in order to narrow down your choice.


1. Number of Employees


Maybe surprisingly, you won’t find ‘price’ as one of the important factors on this list. That’s because the price of computer monitoring software is mostly dictated by other things, the most critical one of which is the number of employees you want to be able to track.


If you just want to track your own computer activity, there are a lot of freeware monitoring software that have basic functionalities for one user. But that’s rarely the case unless you’re an independent freelancer. If you have bigger teams, you need a system that will not only support that many users, but also let you scale in case you want to grow your business.


And if you’re a large enterprise, the good news is that most monitoring software companies actually offer a bulk discount, so this might be worth looking into.


2. Installation Process


When it comes to computer monitoring software implementation, you’ll want to look for the simplest solution. If you have a large number of employees, get a software that can use active directory to install the program on all computers at the same time. If you have remote workers, a system that can be installed via an email invite might be a good solution for you.


Also, think about the operating system because not every software works on every computer. So consider whether you need Mac or Windows user activity monitoring software or even one that’s compatible with Linux or Android. Take into account remote workers who use their own machines or the possibility to switch to another operating system in the future. All in all, it’s best to get the software that will work on as many different platforms as possible.


3. Data Storage


There are two places you can use to store all of your monitoring data – on cloud and on your own servers. Cloud based employee monitoring system is much more easy to implement and maintain, and your data will be perfectly safe. Generally, this should be enough for you in most cases.


On the other hand, if you need a little bit more control over your data, an on-premise solution could be the way to go. But just note that implementing this type of storage will require a lot more effort and technical know-how.


4. Features


Now that we got the technical details out of the way, it’s time to finally focus on what matters the most – which functionalities you want your computer monitoring software to have. This will depend largely on what you wish to accomplish but we’ll mention some of the most common possibilities.


Every monitoring software can detect which apps and websites your employees use and for how long. However, it’s the additional features that you’ll want to consider when choosing the right software. For instance, if you want to focus your tracking efforts on productivity, you should look for capabilities like app and website categorization, productivity stats and timelines, trends, biorhythms and similar productivity analysis features.


If you’re looking for something more oriented towards control and security, you may find it useful to get computer monitoring software with screenshots, keystroke logging, keyword alerts, etc.


Of course, there’s also an option to get as many features as you can, but there are two problems with this. First, it’ll cost you a lot more than you are probably planning to allocate. And secondly, tracking so many things is overwhelming, time-consuming and pointless. So try to focus on your business needs and find the software that can meet them.




Computer monitoring software market is pretty competitive. Considering these things probably won’t get you down to just one software, but it’ll help you narrow down your options significantly. After this, invest a little extra time into doing thorough research, reading user reviews, maybe even testing out free trials and, ultimately, you’ll end up with the perfect system that will give you more control and make your business more efficient.

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