Best 15 Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Whether or not your region receives snow during Christmas, just by looking at the outdoors of the houses, one can clearly observe the signs of upcoming Christmas. While some people might be hanging a giant star in their balconies, some others put a ‘Merry Christmas’ label on their entrance. In some areas, people even form small groups through which they stroll around the entire block singing carols and distributing sweets to children. Saying it either way, the outdoor decoration matters a lot, too. And, there are plenty of ways to do this.

So, set up your fireplace, make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, curl in your favourite blanket and browse 15 of these wonderful Christmas decoration ideas for your outdoors. Let’s hop in.


  1. Chicken Wire Light Balls

Chicken wire lights are absolutely inexpensive to give a second thought. So, bring some chicken wire balls and hang them down a railing in your home’s outdoor area. If you have a garden outside your home, you can also hang these lights on the branches of trees while connecting them to a power bank.

  1. Stars, Reindeers & Snowflake Lights

There’s no such thing as too many Christmas lights. Personalize your outdoor lighting in a soft Christmas glow with Christmas based light designs. Apart from twinkle stars and pastel snowflakes, the most commonly available designs includedeer, Santa hats, tiny pine trees etc. Usually these lights are available in the form of string lights, LED projectors and icicle lights.

These days, you will also find sun-powered lights, which of course is a great alternative to battery powered lights.These lights recharge automatically during the daylight and offer your outdoors a scintillating glow as the evening settles.


  1. Treasure Lanterns

Christmas is also the time for expressing our thankfulness for the things and events we received as gift during this year. It’s a great idea to do this via our decorations too. Take or buy some glass lanterns. Fill these with colourful baubles and ornaments till their mid height.When the light is switched on during the night, the glossy ornaments will cast a sparkling effect in the surrounding area.

  1. Crates, Candies & Candles

Use a wooden crate. Fill it with wrapped candies, chocolates, some gifts, and all things children like. Place some votive candles to outline the crate and its contents. Your friends, neighbours and their children, all are going to find this simple decoration attractive.

  1. Nutcracker Dolls

If you don’t have a big sized house, get in a feel that you have one, by hiring these two security guards coming in the form of nutcracker dolls. Nutcrackers symbolize protection, security and safety. Hence, placing these dolls at your entrance area is a surefire way to feel safe and sound a little more this Christmas. To complement the nutcrackers, you can also place two reindeer statues, one on each side.

  1. Rustic Christmas Wagon

Give your outdoor Christmas greenery a twist by highlighting it with a rustic train or a country style wagon placed in your garden or entrance area. While thinking what to place in the wagon, consider small baskets of tinsel trees or foliage. Ideally, galvanized porch pots or wrought iron baskets are perfect. Spread flowers around the wagon for pops of colour.

You can also personalize these baskets by handpainting patterned stripes or by tying a red ribbon bow around the lip of the basket or pot.

  1. Snow Dipped Pinecones Decorations

Handpaint some pinecones in white colour or brush them off with some white chalk powder. Now, use these snowy looking pinecones to make some decorations. If you have several little pinecones, you can think of making cluster chandeliers out of them. Pinecone topiaries, is another option which looks equally awesome. You can also make use of a basket or a small bucket as the base of the topiary.

  1. Plastic Fruit Garlands

Though, you can always make garlands with real fruits too. However, if you want the decorations to work for longer time, say, till the New Year’s Eve, then plastic fruits are perfect alternatives. You can wrap the railings in the exterior of your house with these garlands.

Red apples, green apples, red berries, oranges, pinecones, pineapples and sweet lemons are some examples of artificial fruits you can purchase for decoration Ideas.

  1. Sleigh Bells & Ribbon Bows

Tinkle bells are synonymous with festive vibes, especially Christmas holidays. When the atmosphere is all cosier and quiet under the chilled winter winds, the sound of these bells echoes even more beautifully.

To highlight these bells on your entrance door, window curtains, porch ceiling or balcony railings, consider tying ribbon bows around them. A polka dot ribbon in red, green or black with white dots are some of the best colour choices to go with.

  1. Garland for Porch & Banister

Garlands are evergreen decorations. And when the house consists of a staircase or a slant entrance, garlands are a must have. If you have some columns and pillars in your balcony or outdoor space, garland decorations can be used there too.

Think of lush bushes, foliage greenery and wreaths for a natural filled look. Simply coil around the garland around the region and let some of the greenery dangle loose from it. Add some strings of Christmas light bulbs if you want.

  1. A Compact Christmas Corner

Create an entirely new Christmas corner with the help of assorted ball ornaments, peppermints and cookies lying loose in a mesh of lush greenery spread. Complement by placing a light-able snowman or glowing reindeers beside. You can create this decoration on either or both sides of your entrance. Easy to create and easier to tidy off!


  1. Sheepskin Rug As The Tree Skirt

Tree skirt made of a soft white sheepskin rug won’t just make your tree look fluffy and cosy but also, it will give the illusion of melted snow under the tree. If your Christmas decorations have some theme, you can also select a multicoloured rug instead of just plain white shade.

  1. Pallet Plank Christmas Tree

A pallet plank tree is a wonderful alternative to the regular green pine tree. Finish with a star topper, a string of lights, hanging trinket ornaments and Christmas greetings.

With the help of some sturdy wooden planks and a little knack for craft, you can also make this tree at your home.


  1. Decorations for Front Door Knockers

You might say, door knockers, really? Yes! A door knocker is like the first handshake your guests do with your home. So, why not welcome them with something decorative. For smaller sized knockers, consider something simple like an outlining frame or a ribbon bow. For elaborate, ornate and hanging door knockers, you can use shrubbery or tiny bells to add hints of festive season.

  1. Fragrant Wreath For Entrance

Incense is a lesser implemented yet a powerful element to include in your home decorations. For a Christmas wreath, consider material like balsam fir foliage, orange slices, plum berries, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, cloves, cedar and pinecones among other plants from your kitchen to exude some fragrance in your outdoor area.

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