How to Prepare the Kitchen for the Winter Holidays

It’s already November – which means that from this point on, people are already starting to prepare for the winter holidays. They begin cleaning, organizing – even renovating so that the holidays catch their homes in peak shape. This can be very stressful – and very time-consuming.

This applies mostly to the kitchen since clutter tends to gather there on a more frequent basis. However, if you know what to do, you will see that it is much easier to prepare your kitchen for the holidays. No matter if you are going for timely baby steps or powering through in the week before Christmas, here is how you do it:

  1. Clean the Clutter from the Countertop

The kitchen countertop is the first place we generally use to place bills, mugs, stashes of paperwork, or other items that we feel too lazy to store properly. As a result, we just leave them there for days in a row – until things begin to clutter. This is why the first step for preparing your kitchen for the holidays would be to get that countertop sparkling clean. If you are looking for more information about kitchen countertops, visit

  1. Clean the Oven

Some people prefer to clean the oven right before the holidays, run a self-clean cycle – or simply ignore the oven altogether. However, not only is this stressful for your oven (and yourself), but it can also cause your food to taste funny. If you don’t want to give it a deep clean, at least take a wet rag, wipe it over the burners, and leave the rest for after New Year’s Eve.

  1. Clean the Microwave

You’ll be doing a lot of cooking doing the holidays – and the chances are that you won’t be serving all that food in just one go. Therefore, you will have to reheat the food when new guests pop over. And while this might be often forgotten, it can be very embarrassing to serve a meal out of a microwave that has been splattered with food.

  1. Clean the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one more thing that is bound to be used a lot during the holidays, which means you will have to clean it out. First things first, throw out the foods that are past their expiration date, as well as the almost-empty Tupperware (don’t deny it, you know you have them there). After that, temporarily take out anything else you may have in it.

After you unfroze it, remove the shelves and wash them with dish soap. Do the same with the interior of the refrigerator. After everything dried out nicely, you may put the shelves back, plug the refrigerator back in, and put the rest of your food in it as well.

  1. Ready Your Serveware

If would be very embarrassing to realize just before Christmas that your knives are not cutting and that you practically have to hack through that turkey just to grab a bite. Make an inventory: ensure that your knives are sharp, that no supplies are missing – and that the serving utensils are nice and polished. It might seem like a lot of work, but no guests like to eat from dirty-looking utensils.

  1. Stock the Kitchen

This might seem pretty obvious – but nonetheless, it needs a reminder. Think about your guests here. Do any of them have allergies, are vegans, or are following a gluten-free diet? Take these into account and stock your kitchen properly.

Also, make sure that aside from specially prepared food in the cabinets, you also stock with non-alcoholic drinks. While most people might not mind you popping out the eggnog right away, there will still be children, appointed drivers – or people that simply prefer not to drink there.

Final Thoughts

Everything being said, you have now cleaned your kitchen and are ready to receive your guests. Granted, we haven’t mentioned sweeping and mopping the floor or wiping the table – because that is something that you have to do on a daily basis.

Overall, if you believe that something in there is in need of cleaning, start from the ceiling down to the floor – because all dirt eventually goes down. You may want to start two weeks in advance – because that’s how you know you don’t miss anything.

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