The Ultimate Guide for Real Estate Investment

A lot of reforms have been introduced in the Indian real estate sector over the past two or three years, thus indulging more transparency in the stream and attracting more direct institutional investors. The Government of India has also made a number of key policy transformations, such as the REIT, RERA, PMAY affordable housing and the GST that has levied a positive impact on the Indian real estate sector. The Indian government laws are now allowing 100% Foreign Direct Investments in the construction sector, thus improving the investment infusions from non-resident Indians.

Other reasons why India is the most preferred hub for foreign direct investments is the depreciation of the rupee value, better investment returns and the good yield on investments. Ease of the FDI norms and the general focus of the government on housing builds up the confidence of an NRI investor. The element of risk that was once associated with property investments in India has largely been reduced with the implementation of such norms.

The current trends in real estate investment in India:

India has grown to be an attractive investment destination for investors all over the globe. The popularity of the leaders in the country, foreign relations, stable government, and strong institutional flows are influencing the economic development of the country positively. An alarmingly large number of NRIs invest in India to build a financial asset for their family in their home country and build a corpus for their retirements. NRIs also make property investments in India to enjoy a high return on investments and tax redemptions.

Though there are a number of investment decisions that NRIs could take such as investing in equity bonds, mutual funds, and government securities, the Real estate seems to be their all-time favorite investment model. It also renders them emotional security to hold property in their homeland. They are free and permitted to invest in both residential and commercial properties, without any restrictions on the size of the property.

Recent real estate trends have shown a steady rise in NRIs investing in India. It has indeed doubled from 5billion USD in the year 2014 to 10.5 billion USD in the year 2019. There is an increasing demand for affordable housing and independent house for sale in Gurgaon, India by NRIs. The regulatory systems that bind foreign investments in India have also evolved in the past years dictating favorable norms for investors. There are great transparency and accountability with the regulatory systems such as FDA, RERA, and GST, encouraging active real estate investments in India by the NRIs.

Foreign investors not only enjoy attractive pricing by investing in India, but they also enjoy attractive exchange rates. It has become imperative that there is a tremendous demand in the Indian housing industry. A majority of the Indian residential properties would find a buyer or a tenant as soon as they go on the market. This immediate ROI is what that attracts prospective buyers to find their homes in India.

Why Gurgaon is an attractive city to make real estate investments

Gurgaon is one of the most popular investment destinations for NRIs, as the city enjoys excellent connectivity through three major highways namely, the National Highway 8, the KMP highway and the Dwarka Expressway. This millennium city also features a number of commercial spaces and amenities such as shopping malls, theatres, recreation clubs, international schools, and higher educational sectors, all contributing to attracting international investors.

Gurgaon experiences excellent connectivity and infrastructure facilities, and thus serve as a lucrative real estate market in India. It is very well connected with Delhi through its metro transit system and is one of the modest cities in India. Its per capita income is the third-highest among all other Indian cities. Gurgaon has undoubtedly grown to be a favorite option for NRI investors owing to the diverse developments of its civic infrastructure.

The property developers in Gurgaon from their end, are doing all it takes to attract overseas buyers such as setting up offshore offices to attract them and organizing activities to help them find their tenants.

Top best projects in Gurgaon for NRI investments:

Gurgaon is soaring in popularity when it comes to NRI investments. The city features world-class infrastructure, excellent connectivity, and world-class commercial set up, making it one of the best locations for real estate investments. Some of the best projects to find affordable flats in Gurgaon are,

 Emaar Imperial Gardens: This is ready to move in property laid by the Emaar India and its constructed over twelve acres of land. The project renders 3 BHK flats in Gurgaon and is located at Sector 102 and lies along the Dwarka Expressway that connects the city with Delhi.

ShapoorjiPallonjiJoyville: This project also lies along with sector 102 in Gurgaon and offers both 2 and 3 BHK apartments. The project has more than 500 apartments and is spread over 18 acres of land.

Mapsko Casa Bella: This is one of the premium residential projects that is located along National Highway 8. The project offers about 900 units of 2-4 BHK apartments. This is ready to move in property with world-class amenities.

Where to find real estate properties in Gurgaon:

Apart from these high-end projects whose cost can span in Crores, there are also a number of affordable housing options available in Gurgaon at sector 5, sector 105, DLF Phase 1, sector 49, etc. A large number of such affordable and ready to occupy flats and independent houses for sale in Gurgaon can be found at the website is one of the fastest-growing online real estate market space that helps in simplifying one’s home search. The website is free of fake listings and serves as a unique property search platform for NRIs and Indians alike. It serves as the first choice for both the consumers and partners in their task of finding, buying, financing and renting their dream home. The website makes all this possible with the help of data, technology, and design thereby delivering value to both its buyers and sellers.

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