Is Egypt Safe to Visit in 2020??? – Read to Know the Best Answers

The key element to every successful and joyful vacation is Safety, to fully enjoy your time without concerns or trouble of any kind that’s why Egypt has topped the international travel list in the last four years as one of the safest places and the most popular destinations to visit in 2020. And with the start of a new decade, Egyptian tourism is ready to break all of its previous records and host the biggest number of tourists since 2019. Any traveling experience should focus upon comfort and peace of mind in order to have a memorable vacation filled with an ancient and orient flavor and that you will find in Egypt this year during your Egypt tours where you will discover the ancient Egyptian civilization and much more worthy of put a smile around your heart and soul for eternity.

In this article you will know every detail about this question so continue reading:-

Egypt is Safe to Visit Anytime

Right now Egypt is equipped to handle all visitors at any time proving a safe enjoyable vacation since the conflicts of the entire country has calmed down. The revolution of the Arab spring in 2011 was the cause behind an unrest atmosphere that lasted till 2015 but later on from 2016 the tourism started to get back on its feet and stand strong more than ever at beginning of 2020, thanks to the strong military and police presence at most of all the tourist attractions which are Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, & the Red Sea’s Hurghada plus the airports and train stations which lead to the entire crime rate to drop to a recording break low leading to near-total stability and the rise of the number of tourist to its peak at the end of 2019 reaching up to more than 10 million travelers from all over the world. The entire historical, tropical and recreational destination is under the watchful eye of the Egyptian government and the only part of the country where there is real trouble in Northern Sinia which is flagged from visiting but it remains far away from any of your traveling destinations. As Lonely Planet said about Egypt’s safety. Egypt is ready for all of you at any time equipped with every means of safety and entertainment to make your visit to Egypt something Special.

Prepare Your Visa Before Travelling

You can’t have your dream vacation without having your entry visa to Egypt. Check to see your country’s availability to obtain a visa whether you can have it automatically on arrival or you have to pay for it for the cost of 25 $ before arrival both online or through the Egyptian embassy or even after arrival but it is preferred to have it before arrival to begin your adventure as soon as possible.

Cairo Is Very Safe With Its Amazing Landmarks.

Cairo is the heart of the entire country of Egypt so it would make sense; it would have the biggest police and military presence all over the city creating an atmosphere of peace and safety, especially all around the ancient attraction which are ten times better in real life such as the Giza Pyramid Complex the holder of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the celestial guardian of Egypt sphinx, the valley temple and a lot more epic constructions dating to more than 4500 years. Cairo became known as the city of minarets due to the number of Islamic constructions all under the protection of the watchful eyes of the legendary Cairo Citadel of Salah EL-Din that hold a beautiful example of modern Islamic architecture Mohammed Ali Mosque. There are also a number of rare Coptic sites only to be found in Cairo such as Abu Serga Church, the hanging church, St George church, and the unique Ben Ezra Synagogue. One of the most visited and enchanting sites in Cairo is the golden road of Khan El Khalili Bazaar where the shopping experience is truly complete.  

Luxor & Aswan Ready to Explore.

All the way in Upper Egypt is two of the most beautiful and safest destinations in the world the ancient cities of Luxor and Aswan which have never reported any kind of accident or unrest in the last five years as every traveler who lands at any of them is totally hypnotized by their incredible beauty, history, and significance. To fully capture the essence of their wonderful beauty is through the help of a tour guide. Luxor holds third of the world’s artifacts and colossal monuments such as the breathtaking Karnak Complex, mesmerizing Luxor Temple, the grand Hatshepsut Temple, the heavenly valley of the kings and a lot more hidden attractions as for Aswan the city of divine allure and mythical tales is constructions worthy of exploring such as the Philae Temple, Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut, the glorious Edfu temple, the Kom Ombo temple, the massive Abu Simbel Temples and more. 

Nile Cruise Very Safe and Can’t Be Missed in Egypt.

There is no vacation in Egypt Complete without a Nile Cruise where the holy spirit of Egypt that lasted for more than 5000 years is located across its water and banks between the golden cities of Luxor and Aswan.  A Nile Cruise is like a floating hotel filled with all the means of comfort & service, and above all else, completely safe and secure as everything on the cruise is all always carried for and updated on regular bases. so if you value your safety and wish to try something truly unique then a Nile cruise is the ultimate choice. 

Conclusion About the Topic:-

Egypt got the whole package, ready to offer every single type of vacation whether historical within Cairo, Luxor and Aswan and recreational across the mesmerizing Hurghada of the red sea where the thrill of a lifetime is between your hands. Exploring Egypt is always a dream written on everyone’s pocket list so take the leap and live the best vacation you will ever have within the embrace of an immortal Living Miracle Egypt.

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