Open a Bar in a Shopping Center: Regulations and Suggestions

Are shopping malls guarantees of good performance for a bar business? It depends on the location, type of shops inside and offer. Let’s see some ideas about how to open a bar inside a shopping center, a mall.

They are the new cathedrals of consumption, or rather, the former new ones, because shopping malls are now largely part of our world, and we all go to these big malls, as the English say, when we have to go shopping, buy something special or just spend a few hours with the “rubbish”.

However, whether you go there for shopping or for a walk, we will stop, practically always, in a bar; What if we wanted to open this bar in a shopping center? What are the risks and opportunities that this type of premises offers?

In the old malls, to begin with, it was possible to buy the property, the commercial space, so that it could possibly be resold (like a normal bar) and in order to be able, in any case, to protect against the risk that the property change your mind and that, at the end of the contract (normally a classic 6 years +6), you do not renew the contract, making us lose all the investment. By now practically no shopping center gives this possibility, and we remain necessarily renters, thus avoiding a heavy outlay, but always remaining “provisional” and knowing that the furniture we build would never be adaptable to a new commercial space. The rent of these centers is often quite high, and the costs generally defined as condominiums are usually slightly lower; these include heating the gallery, any promotions and entertainment organized by the management, and light.

Before taking the step, and opening a business in a shopping center, it is good to evaluate other aspects. Among these the catchment area, let’s say the population that lives in the area served by the shopping center, which could range from a few tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, perhaps in large cities or at the exit of important road junctions.

If this applies to the context outside the center, inside it is appropriate to evaluate whether there is a “good” supermarket, which will draw many people into the center. If, on the other hand, there is no super, or that which does not have great appeal, it will be necessary for the shops to be really of a high standard, for example, applying car park payment systems, in order to hope that the center, and therefore our bar, will have enough customers.

The ideal location for a bar is undoubtedly either in front of the supermarket checkouts or in front of the entrance. In both cases, we will be in full flow and our offer will have great visibility, but which offer? Vast: coffee and breakfast are important, but snacks, sandwiches, maybe salads and lunches are also fundamental, which in some cases is a very important piece of the collection! It is essential to have some tables since many families who come to the supper club need to stop later, perhaps with children. But be careful not to create a too elegant environment, this is not the right context.

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