Solitaire Gold Earrings For Women Of All Ages

One of the most ancient forms of jewelry is earrings. They were worn by Egyptians to decorate their ears. Later, India and china accepted this form of jewelry and made them from all sorts of metals. The rich ones wore earrings made up of pearls and gemstones. Afterward, earrings evolved into a form of a fashion statement and never went out of style. Women started wearing earrings made of silver, gemstones, gold, and beads to enhance their looks. They even chose to wear drop earrings to elongate their neck and geometric designs to accentuate their features. The subsequent development of the film industry further gave a boost to the evolution of earrings. 

Women started imitating the fashion statement of their favourite actresses and started copying what they wore. The 90s brought in fashion the big hoops, that are still in fashion. The stone encrusted stud earrings, long dangling one and floral designed earrings have become popular later on. Slowly, solitaires too gained popularity. 

When it comes to choosing earrings, each woman has a different preference. Some like small and subtle others like dangling ones. Keeping in mind the latest trends and fashion styles, the best solitaire earrings designs have been given which will suit every face: 

Mismatch Earrings

Mismatch solitaire earrings are modern trends. They are innovative and different because both the studs look different and are non-identical. You get earrings of a wide range, varying in colour, theme, style, etc. 

Stud earrings

Those who love to wear simple studs earrings, check out some amazing styles such as the astarte earrings that are star-shaped ones made of gold and diamond solitaires. The unique way in which stones are out embedded on it, make such earrings look simple yet exclusive. Despite having gold and solitaire on a single piece, the earrings look sophisticated. Floral stud earrings are also crafted to perfection and will suit any lady of the middle ages. People with an oval face must prefer wearing studs. You can also get stud gold earring with price online. 

Dropdown earrings

Exclusively designed drop-down solitaire diamond earrings are gorgeous. These earrings are different when compared to any other design. They are modern and contemporary but simple. You can pair it with custom wedding ring. A drop solitaire earring remains attached to your earlobe and is embedded with a single solitary on diamond or gold. The length of the drop varies as per styles. One such style is the chandelier earrings that are perfect to be worn for parties and events. Such earrings definitely give you a statement look and make you stand apart. Some of the drop-down styles feature a line of petals of a blooming bud in diamond or gold. If you have a round face, with narrower jawline and forehead, drop solitaire earrings will look great. 

Geometric shapes

You will be getting lots of sites online which have experimented with geometric shapes. The equerre earrings and the glaive axis earrings look extremely chic. The ingot axis earrings have got a rhombus shape fixed to a hexagon made in gold. 

Floral design

Floral designed solitaire earrings are available in various shapes and styles. The Floralia trail solitaire earrings enhance anyone’s beauty and Grace with its simple yet elegant design. You can even choose other styles that have jhumkas or flowers with ruby, pearls or diamonds. Such earrings are versatile and can be styled with any dress. If you have a square-shaped face, danglers or floral earrings will enhance your look. 

With such a wide range of options available, choose an earring of your choice and feel free to experiment with your fashion statement. These earrings are sure to add a touch of magnificence to your look. Besides, you might get some affordable deals that will make it easier to buy such jewelry. 

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