How To Select The Best Alibaba Supplier For Your Dropshipping Business?

The overall process  of selecting a supplier looks something  like this: you start by chatting with 10 suppliers based on your preliminary list  of candidates, which is significantly more than if you were setting up a shopify store. Of those ten to fifteen we select a few and send out an  RFI or a request for information. That’s what I’m going to cover in this article.  after the RFI you asked for detail code and from there you start negotiating 

so  let’s look at the RFI – you can get the suppliers name  and email address through the Alibaba chat system. I need more information: The email I’m going to send looks  something like this: 

This is just a template, if you  prefer to use your own just make sure it  has all these elements. The RFI starts with an introduction that states your  goal which is to form a long-term  relationship, even though as we discussed  that’s really the suppliers goal – to get you on board with shopify dropshipping. I also  include a link to the product that I  want and a picture as well. Now, here’s  where I got into the details. I asked them to give me a quote of 500 pieces, even though their MOQ was only at 100.  the reason I exceeded their MOQ is because I wanted to start negotiations at a lower price point. For example, if I asked for 100 units they might quote me  $20 a share but by asking for 500 they caught me $15. 

If my target price is $17  it’s actually easier to reach that  target by making it seem like I’m the  one who is compromising and agreeing to  pay more. During negotiations I can say you want $15 for 500 units how about I  give you $17 and you lower the MOQ. I make it sound like I’m the one who’s compromising because I’m paying more and  all I did was lower their MOQ. This is an old negotiating trick that come in handy all the situations. 

Moving on I  also asked if they can make samples, sometimes suppliers can be wary of providing samples, especially the other size is  small and that’s just another reason why you should start with the higher MOQ. You I also provided a financial incentive and make it clear that I am  willing to pay for a sample. 

The next  part is really important more suppliers  have a product catalog which they don’t always share on Alibaba.  The catalog is up to the deep which latest products so always ask for it. Most of the time I find the products I  want not to the supplier page rather through the supplier catalog 

And finally in every email I like to create  a sense of urgency to support the supplier basically this is to motivate him, so here I can say we are in rush but  I could also use something like we are in process of choosing a supplier and would like to make a final decision soon, it’s just another little extra  motivation to give them to the next step.  

Now I’ll close the email with my contact  info and my whatsapp number. This will help speed up things when she sends her catalog and I see something that I like  rather than sending her an email I’m going and going back and forth is razor rather easier just to send a text message, remember you can discuss  anything on what self but the final contract will be on paper.

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