Tips for Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring for your Spouse

Engagement rings have made many dreams come true. They are a gesture of commitment and a promise to devote yourself to your partner. They are not new and actually date back to the 14th century when Archduke Maximilian, an Austrian man, proposed Mary of Burgundy. 

Since then to the present day, no wedding proposal feels complete without an engagement ring. Couples usually wear them for their whole lifetime. So there is no wonder that you feel overwhelmed while choosing the one for your partner. 

If you are planning to propose with an engagement ring and take your relationship to the next level, here are a few guidelines that will help you choose the perfect one and make your memorable day special.

Be aware of the 4 C’s of the jewelry world

In the jewelry world, 4 C’s are critically important. This includes cut color, clarity, and carat.

  • The first C is the cut, which refers to the proportioning of the gem. It means how the gemstones are cut and sits in its place. 
  • The second C is the color; it depends upon the choice of customer mainly. You can find the diamonds and other stones in many colors and choose them according to your spouse’s choice. 
  • The third C is the clarity; it means that the gemstone should be free from inclusions and blemishes. In simple words, there should be no impurities, and the stone should be flawless.
  • The fourth and final sea is the carat. It refers to the weight of the gemstone. Diamonds weight starts from 0.5 carats and ends at above 5. The weight of one carat is about the weight of a paperclip as the number of carrots increases and the price increases as well. 

These Cs greatly influence your budget and narrow down the available choices; therefore, they should be considered in the first place. 

Finishes and the ring metal

Ring refers to the metal band that goes around the finger, and this is the second thing that method when choosing the engagement ring. If you are finding the engagement ring Melbourne you are likely to be presented with one of the best and luxurious handmade rings with excellent finishing and high-quality metal. 

In short, you will find everything, including the metal, gemstone’s cut, color, and finishing in the right combination. 

Size and the right time of selection 

Rings determine the bridal style, and the gemstones used in them have a special meaning. If you are unaware of the latest trends about the engagement rings, you can look for some recommendations to help yourself choose the best one.

 If you are planning to propose with a customized ring, you should start looking for it six to eight weeks before the time you are supposed to propose your partner. Moreover, it would be best if you visit the stories with the right size so that the ring fits well in your partner’s finger.

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