4 Reasons to Love a Job at an International School in Thailand

For people drawn to the profession, teaching can be an advantageous career choice. Besides the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people, there are also flexible hours, consistent working conditions and holiday rewards to consider. Besides your own home country, what about working abroad? Have you ever considered taking your skills on the road? Teaching is a highly prized and well-paid profession in many regions of the world, such as Asia. There are plenty of great opportunities to find a teaching job at an international school in Thailand and many other favourable destinations. If you’re curious, here are four reasons to love working at an international school.

Progressive teaching

Teaching at an international school allows you to be part of a progressive, multicultural and innovative environment. You’ll get the chance to work with educators from around the world, each bringing with them different practices and styles. What’s more, as most international schools are privately funded, they are quite well off, which means they have excellent resources and facilities at your disposal. You will find that Olympic-size swimming pools, state-of-the-art performing arts centres, photo labs, dance studios, multimedia rooms, gymnasiums, co-working spaces, band rooms and much more are the ‘standard’ at these large educational institutions. 

Career advancemen

As with any new job, teaching abroad will open you up to new and varied experiences. Working at an international school will expose you to an array of new challenges and opportunities. You will get plenty of opportunities to put your training to the test. For example, many students at international schools will be transient such as yourself, and thus require additional help with their English (which may not be their mother tongue). Engaging them in a rich ESL program will add a feather in your professional CV. A few teaching abroad stints will also put you on the fast-track to career advancement back home too, as such experiences are valued by education recruiters.

Adventure awaits

With teaching abroad comes the adventure of working in a foreign country. Taking in the culture of a new place for an extended period is much more fulfilling than simply visiting on a short holiday. What could be better than being paid to travel the world! You’ll get to immerse yourself in foreign cultures and discover new things. A teaching job at an international school in Thailand gives you the chance to learn a lot about yourself along the way; it’s a chance to discover who you are as a person and grow as an educator. All of this does not gloss over the fact that yes, at first you will have a lot of challenges to overcome, particularly on your first post. Once you get past the first phase, you’ll prove to yourself, and future employers, that you have the drive and determination to take on new circumstances and succeed. 

Stellar packages

Besides a love of teaching, one of the main motivators for teachers looking to move abroad is salary. That’s because working at an international school can pay significantly higher than a similar role back home. However, conditions do vary, so do your research. When considering a job at an international school, pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Monthly salary (paid in the local currency, USD or a fluctuating foreign currency)
  • Tax (ranging from high to low, depending on location)
  • Accommodation (does the school provide somewhere to live or an allowance)
  • Bonuses (is there an annual or end-of-service pay-out)
  • Flights home (possibly once or twice during a two-year contract)
  • School places for dependents (will all your children be educated for free)

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