Harness the Power of Google Shopping Ads in Your Advertising

As the leading search on the planet, Google has an almost limitless amount of data and analytical resources at its disposal. But by adopting Google Shopping Ads into your brand’s marketing strategy, you can harness the tremendous power of these resources and use them to further your marketing and advertising goals. 

Brands that are data-driven are the perfect customers for Google Shopping Ads. In understanding the value of data, these brands soon recognise and appreciate the added benefit that this Google advertising platform provides. 

Google uses your brand’s primary feed as a baseline from which to base all the forthcoming data on your advertising activities. By spreading this data out across several qualifying factors, Google gains a complete picture of how effective your advertising strategy is. And this is data that your brand can easily access.

The Level Playing Field of Google Shopping Ads

When you first start advertising with Google, you’re basically starting on a level playing field. You create ads and submit bids to Google depending on the type of placement you want to have for each ad. 

Bidding is a crucial first step in getting started and creating data that you can then use to judge the effectiveness of your ads. Bid too low, and your ad is not accepted, and your brand fails to register on the advertising radar. But if you bid too high, you’re overspending for your ads, which is just as bad. The data your brand generates paints a skewed picture of the value of the ads. Your acquisition costs become so high that pursuing your strategy of bidding becomes unworkable. 

Google Shopping Ads make sense only for those brands that can continuously monitor the bidding process and analyse the bids, as well as the results of the bids. This is why data-driven brands usually do much better using Google Shopping. They have the infrastructure and staff in place to carry out this necessary monitoring and analysis. They also understand that gains are not forthcoming until and unless you can set foot on the playing field.

This means that you have to put forth considerable effort into entering the Google Shopping arena right from the start to reap the benefits of what it can provide.  

Getting Qualified Help

For brands that are not data-driven in their operations and don’t have the in-house capabilities, but recognise the value of the platform, there is another alternative. 

Your brand can partner with an experienced and qualified digital marketing agency to relieve you of the burden of constant monitoring and analysis needed to make the most of Google Shopping Ads. These digital marketing agencies can filter the data into a form that’s easily understood by marketing managers. They can provide reports periodically that show you, in plain language and numbers, how your brand is performing with the Google Shopping platform. 

Harnessing the power of the resources of Google is not a simple process, but it’s well worth it. Partnering with an experienced digital data company is an alternative path that can unlock the rewards and benefits of Google Shopping. 

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