Dr. Scott gray on Rising of sports injuries during the COVID pandemic.

“The Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown brought changes to my life, my staff’s lives, and my client’s lives and pretty much in the lives of every single person in this country I know. Initially, we also suffered financial setbacks when our lockdown first got initiated, but I was surprised when I started getting calls from my clients now and then regarding some minor injuries.” Dr. Scott Gray said.

He further added,” I started to observe the rise in sports injuries due to running, biking, exercising, lifting heavy objects and whatnot.” People have tried to make the most of the lockdown of spending quality time with their families, redecorating homes with easy DIY projects, laying with their children, working on their body shapes, etc. Dr. Scott gray also said, “The quarantine gave them a chance to involve in physical work directly or indirectly and kept them active, which is good actually. Though they might increase chances of getting an ankle sprained, knee twisted, tearing a soft tissue, etc., if their activities are performed with little or no knowledge of the process.”

If an injury is severe it should be evaluated quickly by a professional orthopedic specialist or a sports doctor.

Who is an orthopedic specialist for a sports injury? And what they do?

The word orthopedics derives from the Greek language wherein “ortho” meaning straight and “pais” meaning children. The ancient history of orthopedics points towards the usage of braces for making a child’s posture straight. Today, Orthopedics treats adults of all ages to help them align their injured joints, bones, tendons, and ligaments straight.

An orthopedic is a specialist who deals with the deformities and dysfunctionalities relating to bones and joints. An athlete is most likely at the risks of getting a minor or major sort of injury which could affect the bones and joints, hence there is a separate branch of orthopedics dedicated to sports injuries called sports medicine.

A sports medicine doctor is a licensed orthopedic equipped with an experience of dealing with sportspersons and injuries occurring due to vigorous sports activities. They are best known for:

– Assessing patients with sports injury

– Conducting on-field and off-field evaluation of the injury.

– Having Knowledge of both surgical and non-surgical treatments for a sports injury

– Conditioning and training athletes

– Providing prescription for pain management

– Advising on performance, diet, and supplement nutrition

– Co-ordination with a physical therapist if required

Characteristic of a good orthopedic doctor

Orthopedic doctors mostly deal with elderly or sports individuals i.e. either the age group of hot-headed jocks (15-22 years) or the sometimes loving and sometimes relentless grandma’s and grandpa’s (50-75 years). Both of these age groups possess different mindsets who require connecting to the people. Apart from the medical qualification and skills, there are some important traits an orthopedic must possess.

  • An orthopedic doctor must show empathy towards his patients

Apart from improving a patient’s experience with you, in many studies, physician empathy proves to have a great impact on patient care outcomes. Studies indicate that patients who perceive their providers as more empathic tend to get better faster and experience less aggressive symptoms. Patients sometimes endure extreme physical pain during their treatments, so the doctor must show compassion and maintain an understanding, supportive, and encouraging attitude to get them through it.

  • An orthopedic doctor must communicate to the patients on a deeper level.

There has been debate on doctor-patient communication and relationship throughout history. A doctor needs to be well-spoken to communicate to their patients properly while maintaining the boundaries of their profession and confidentiality oath. It is also important for an athlete to see a doctor possessing leadership skills. So, when a doctor commands an individual to sit out a game in a tournament, he must willingly do so.

  • An orthopedic  the doctor must have quick decision-making capabilities

Sometimes, a young athlete’s career depends on the timing and the type of treatment they receive. An orthopedic doctor must have good decision-making skills as their decision can impact the whole life of their patient.

  • An orthopedic doctor must have a vast knowledge of physiology and anatomy.

A framed degree on the wall sometimes is not enough to gain the patient’s trust. A specialist must impart knowledge of anatomy and physiology more simply to the patients so they can understand properly what their body is going through and can trust the process of healing involved.

Finding an Orthopedic Specialist…

The Back In Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy Clinic can provide prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of orthopedics conditions related to sports or general lifestyle in collaboration with our physiotherapist and specialist Dr. Scott Gray. He is known to treat a variety of sports injuries including knee, hip, neck, shoulder injuries. Back in Motion Physical Therapy in Fort Myers, FL for orthopedic, sport, and spine injuries recognized as a center for excellence for performing treatment for sportspersons who rely on their physical dexterity every day.

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