4 Careers Offering Job Security for the Next Decade

Following the chaos the coronavirus has had on the economy and job market, there are many who have been forced to face layoffs, cutbacks, and long-term unemployment. For those who are ready to seize the opportunity to change careers, there are several job fields where substantial growth is predicated over the next decade. Some of the education needed for these fields can be completed through online programs, making it easier for adults to pursue higher education without having to limit their current earning potential.

Information Security Analyst

Every aspect of society has been touched by a complex information system, leading to an increase in information security careers and information security analysts. Workers in these roles safeguard personal information, company data, trade secrets, and more from hackers or dark web activities. Individuals are trained in information systems, threats to data security, and the development of protective measures. Potential analysts need to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.

Solar Photovoltaic Installers

A global push for sustainable and renewable energy sources has put a strong demand for the solar industry. Skilled professionals capable of installing solar panels and solar systems make up a field projected to have the highest projected growth in the next 10 years. A more technical position, many of the skills can be achieved through on-the-job training, but individuals can increase their chances of being hired through certifications through the Electronics Technicians Association International.


The use of math to analyze data and make predictions in various fields is the work of statisticians. While data analytics has become a trend capitalized on through artificial intelligence and machine learning, human efforts for predictions and statistical interpretation in still highly desirable in a number of fields. Pursuing an online MBA program gives you an introduction into the world of statistics, but you will need a specialized online program if you want to be skilled in designing experiments, polls, and surveys. Statisticians find employment in government, finance, insurance, and education.

Home Health and Personal Care Aids

The Baby Boomer generation is nearing retirement and beyond, and healthcare experts are predicting a rise in the need for personal care and home health aides over the next few years. These services aren’t just reserved for those who are senior citizens, though the demographic makes up a large portion of the client base. These individuals assist those living at home or in care facilities with activities of daily living that the client would not be able to handle on his or her own. Cognitive disabilities, chronic illnesses, and physical disabilities are just a few of the health-related issues care aides encounter. There are some online certifications available for these fields, but as many of the job duties include specific skills training, a lot of on-the-job training is often necessary.

For anyone seeking a career change or needing to choose a career path, these are just a few of the fields where employment growth is projected. The right education will prepare you for your role, and there are a number of ways to pursue your education.

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