Ultimate advantages of using tanning lotion

Currently, tanning creams (which are not the same as tanning oils) represent an ideal help for those people who have problems tanning their skin and give it that much desired toast in times of summer vacation, 

also for those who do not have a lot of time to sunbathe or simply want to be tanned for a long time and with a beautiful golden tone on the skin without the risks that constant exposure to the sun gives us.

The existing tanning  Indoor tanning lotion creams are of a very pleasant texture and above all easy to apply, they keep our skin hydrated and the new generation of these creams no longer have that acid smell that was so unpleasant for many in later years, on the contrary, they have a pleasant aroma for Our skin.

What is a tanning cream?

Tanning creams, also known as UV tanners, self-tanners spray tanners (when applied topically), or fake tanning, refers to the application of chemicals to the skin to produce an effect similar in appearance to a tan.

Since sunscreen assimilates bright, light and keeps it from arriving at the skin. Sunscreen with a sun insurance factor (SPF) of eight dependent on the UVB range has been accounted for to diminish the engineered limit of nutrient D by 95 percent, while sunscreen with a SPF 15 can lessen the manufactured limit by 98 percent.

Components of tanning creams

The main components that tanning creams have and those that you must locate on the label when purchasing them in stores are:

Moisturizing Agents

It is always recommended that tanning creams have moisturizing substances in their formulation since the natural content of water that the skin has is will be enough to cause a reaction that will bring the tan in response; for which sorbitol or propylene glycol is usually added to them.

Preserving Agents

As it is an aqueous or creamy medium, it does not have preservative agents that protect it; these tanning creams tend to become more easily contaminated.

Sun Protection Agents or Sun Filter

All tanning cream must have a solar filter since we have to take into consideration that not only because it is a cream used for self-tanning it has to protect since, as with other products, our skin will be exposed to the sun and the most important thing is to take care her.

Who can use tanning creams

Jwoww tanning lotion Tanning creams can be used by almost anyone who wants to show off a bright, tanned tone every day of the year; avoiding excessive exposure to UV rays and the risks that it brings. Be it photo aging, the appearance of sunspots, wrinkles and dry skin and skin cancer.

These tanning creams are also indicated for people who suffer from skin diseases that are negatively affected by the sun.

These people can be those  with  vitiligo, people with low tolerance to the sun or who are in the middle of a photosensitizing topical or oral medical treatment.

Steps to apply tanning cream

To obtain a good finish when using a tanning cream and that our skin denotes a tan that to the perception of others is natural bright and beautiful, we must take into account the following steps:

Before applying the cream, we must prepare the skin for it; we have to perform a body exfoliation, all this in order to eliminate the dead cells that are in it.

This will allow the skin to be smoother so it will be much easier for her to absorb the cream and for it to penetrate evenly, leaving an even finish throughout the skin.

We must begin to apply the tanning cream little by little all this in order to verify the tone we want for our skin.

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