The Best Alternatives to Gamstop Self-Exclusion

Gamstop is a site created to help players to stop gambling. When people start gambling either online or in land-based casinos, they can create an addiction and a compulsion to continue betting in a senseless manner. This often affects the gamblers and also the people around them, since they keep on looking for more money to gamble with. People with a gambling issue don’t regularly realize how affected they have become until it is too late. They will often find themselves preoccupied to get more money to gamble with, or they might even have a necessity of gambling since they keep on experiencing the same thrill or rush from every game.

Just the way that people become addicted to drugs, being addicted to gambling can be quite worrying as well. These people often find themselves in situations where they can’t cut back or stop gambling at any cost, and they end up feeling irritable or even stressed when they can’t play. It becomes even more complicated for gambling addicts since now they can easily find ways to gamble online, as all sorts of online casinos are available there. People with a problem could even sign up in Gamstop in order to be self-excluded from any gambling-related-sites, however those that have a major problem will look for ways to gamble by looking for Casinos Not on Gamstop.

For that reason, there are tons of alternative sites to Gamstop, in order for players to self-exclude themselves from gambling sites. What these types of alternative sites do is block your access to any casino platforms or gambling sites, this means that not only do you stop receiving marketing and information form them, but you also are unable to log in as they restrict your access. You give these sites your information and they give you different time frames to pick from in order to establish how long you want to be blocked from their sites. This can vary from 6 months to years, depending on the site and on the users pick, and regularly you can’t cancel this restriction as they are pretty serious when you commit by signing up with them. These sites understand what it means to have a gambling problem, and some people will decide to quit gambling and then three days later they will feel the need to do it again, which is why these sites can be pretty strict with their time frames.

If you are curious to read more about these self-exclusion platforms you can find out more at in order to get more information. In addition, aside from Gamstop there are tons of other sites where you can find the online casino self-exclusion option.

Net Nanny

In some ways this can be like a parental control for their users, as it does not allow the player to see or to be associated with anything related to gambling.


Another great software that prevents people from gambling. This site is associated with numerous casino sites, and the moment you sign up with GamBlock it will notify the gambling sites that you are part of a do-not-play list.

These are only a couple of options to Gamstop, see for yourself which one looks more convenient and the most promising one in order to sign up with it.

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