Choosing Healer for Your M+15 Campaign

While there may be mistakes in the team selection at simple levels, which players’ gaming experience can level, it is unacceptable in difficult locations. You can use Mythic 15 Carry Services’ help and go through the dungeons with an excellent team, or try to assemble one yourself. If you choose the second option, here is the list of healers you should take with you on a campaign through the super-difficult levels.

Healers to the Rescue

There is a long debate about whether healers are really needed in raids and dungeons. Experienced players agree on one thing: they are necessary if you play with unfamiliar users. In this case, to avoid nasty surprises, you should not refuse healing. Here are the five core specializations that you should look out for first:

  • Holy Paladin;
  • Discipline Priest;
  • Restoration Shaman;
  • Restoration Druid;
  • Mistweaver Monk.

You’ll find more detailed information about each class below.

Holy Paladin

Paladin is one of the most popular classes in WoW: Shadowlands. Due to its characteristics, it can play almost any role in the game. Among the most significant abilities are Blessing of Protection, Divine Shield, and Lay on Hands. Throughout its existence, Holy Paladin has always been an extremely powerful tank healer. With the latest updates, it also does a great job of healing raids and groups. It is this healer that is considered one of the most tenacious and strong specs. It’s important to remember that Holy Paladins should heal their teammates first, but if needed, they can make a good contribution to the overall DPS of a team thanks to the Avenging Wrath ability.

Discipline Priest

This class is the only one that can increase the group’s endurance by as much as 5% and has two healing specializations in its arsenal. It has high mobility and can do good damage to the enemies. Also, it can pull an ally to itself with the Leap of Faith or control one of the opponents using Mind Control. This spec is quite tricky to manage, but with the right skill, it will make an invaluable contribution to the general campaign, thanks to the incredibly high healing ability called Atonement. This specialization focuses on preventing damage through absorptions. So, for example, it can create a dome to reduce the damage of all those who are under it, or, by suppressing pain, reduce the damage by 40%.

Restoration Shaman

While the previous two specs are traditionally considered the best for Mythic+15, the top healers’ list doesn’t end there. The Shaman class is still one of the most popular among gamers. Restos excel at healing groups of allies rather than solo players. Their impact becomes stronger as teammates lose their health. That is, the lower one players’ HP, the stronger the effect of a treatment. The presence of Restoration Shamans in your group can hardly be overestimated since it is they who are able to get you out of critical situations. Their Wind Shear is capable of dispelling diseases and poisons, neutralizing their effects.

Restoration Druid

Druids are popular among players due to their ability to play any role in a team, two damage specializations for different distances, and various forms (fox, bear, etc.). The big advantage of Restoration Druid is that it can heal allies and damage opponents simultaneously. At the same time, it has one of the highest damage rates among all healers. Its Ironbark and Barkskin cooldowns are very short, which makes this spec very effective in fights. Resto Druid has a combat resurrection and is one of the most mobile specs out there.

Mistweaver Monk

Mistweaver Monk, like Holy Priest, is not very popular with dungeon enthusiasts, as it seems rather weak at first glance. It has no external cooldowns and cannot reduce damage dealt. However, it is a very easy-to-use, mobile, and flexible specialization that can adapt to any conditions through a wide range of life talents. Depending on their choice, Mistweaver has access to powerful targeting spells or AoE effects, can heal both tanks and raids, and also helps fighters deal damage to bosses. It has a great Renewing Mist ability that goes to the closest player if the one you cast it on has full health.

Don’t Underestimate Healers

As you can see, healing specialties have a wide range of abilities, and if properly upgraded, they can make a significant contribution to killing opponents. Of course, if experienced fighters, familiar to you, go on a campaign with you, you can do without healers with due diligence and attention.

Keep in mind that this list can change over time, as healers’ skills and abilities tend to develop. So, for example, with the last update, the damage of Restoration Druid has decreased by 6% (however, they are still among the best in this indicator). So stay tuned for new patches.

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