How to Turn Your Backyard Into Your Own Relaxing Getaway

One of the biggest perks of living in a house is the ability to walk outside and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. The only problem is that most of us do a poor job of maintaining our yards, which prevents us from maximizing enjoyment. But with a few easy tweaks, you can turn your backyard into the ultimate relaxing getaway. 

Whether it’s spring, summer, or early fall, you should be able to enjoy your backyard to the fullest – no matter the size! Try the following:

  1. Clear Out the Clutter

The very first step is to get rid of any clutter that’s making your backyard undesirable and/or unusable. This is the least fun part of the process, but also the most integral to a successful backyard transformation. Every backyard is different, but typical tasks during this phase include:

  • Pruning overgrown trees
  • Clearing out yard debris and leaves
  • Pulling weeds
  • Relocating old play equipment that’s no longer used
  • Trashing or recycling broken furniture, accessories, old landscaping tools

By clearing out the clutter, you give yourself a blank(er) slate to work with. This makes everything much easier and more rewarding.

  1. Add a Water Feature

There are few things more soothing or relaxing than the sound of trickling water. If you have the budget and space for it, installing a small pond or water feature and naturally integrating it into your existing landscape can provide an excellent space for unwinding and letting the stress of the day melt away.

  1. Hang a Hammock

You need a place to sit in order to truly enjoy your backyard. As far as patio furniture goes, there are plenty of options. But if you want to make your backyard feel like an escape, you should consider a hammock. 

The beauty of a hammock is that it’s comfortable, stylish, and off the ground. Whether you want to read, nap, or cuddle up with your significant other, a hammock is the way to go. We recommend investing in a high-quality, weatherproof, and fade-proof option like the ones available from Yellow Leaf Hammocks. They can almost single-handedly turn your backyard into a relaxing resting spot. 

  1. Create Shade

If you live in a warmer climate, it can be difficult to spend long stretches of time outside. Not only are the temperatures hot, but prolonged exposure to the sun can leave your skin burned. But if you think strategically about ways to incorporate shade, you’ll always have a space you can use. Shade options include trees, gazebos, patio umbrellas, pergolas, shade sails, and more. If you have a pool, some sort of cabana can add a touch of comfort and class.

  1. Deal With Mosquitoes

Nothing ruins a backyard quite like mosquitoes in the summertime. The more proactive you are about keeping them away, the better. The best options include eliminating all standing water, keeping landscaping under control (mowing, trimming, and pruning regularly), and keeping some sort of repellent handy at all times. If there’s a space where you regularly gather, like a patio, a citronella candle can work wonders.

  1. Create Privacy

It’s difficult to relax in your backyard if the neighbors can see everything that’s going on. No matter how much you may like your neighbors, it’s nice to have some downtime away from the world. Look for ways to create privacy and reduce direct sightlines from your neighbors’ yards/windows into your backyard. Landscaping is obviously a great option, but privacy fences, planters, backyards screens, and even living walls are great choices.

  1. Add Fragrant Flowers

Don’t underestimate the power of your fifth sense, smell, to make your backyard relaxing and enjoyable. There are an array of fragrant flowers to choose from, including hyacinth, magnolia, gardenia, wisteria, freesia, sweet alyssum, honeysuckle, rose, phlox, etc. If you’re unfamiliar with planting and growing flowers, talk to someone who is local. Every climate is different, and you’ll have better luck with certain flowers based on your location.

Give Your Backyard New Life

Your backyard is a living, breathing part of your home. It requires attention, nurturing, and ongoing care. And unless you’re willing to dedicate some time and creative energy to maintaining it, you’ll never realize its full potential. 

But as this article shows, transforming a less-than-stellar backyard into a relaxing getaway doesn’t have to be strenuous or difficult. Sometimes it’s the smallest steps that make the biggest difference!

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