4 Careers Offering Job Security for the Next Decade

Following the chaos the coronavirus has had on the economy and job market, there are many who have been forced to face layoffs, cutbacks, and long-term unemployment. For those who are ready to seize the opportunity to change careers, there are several job fields where substantial growth is predicated over the next decade. Some of... Continue Reading →

Best Free Online Courses for Digital Marketing Beginners

With internet usage constantly growing, more business owners are keen to develop an online presence. Creating a growing demand for digital marketers. People who know how to set up social media business accounts. Run email marketing campaigns and develop content marketing strategies for maximum impact on the bottom line.   If the last two sentences are... Continue Reading →

All You Need To Know About Managerial Accounting

Surely we all agree that the accounting of any company is mandatory for the financial management of any business model. But within accounting, there are three main areas: Management accounting Cost accounting (a part of managerial accounting) Financial Accounting Before jumping to the topic of managerial accounting vs. financial accounting, we need to understand what... Continue Reading →

Social competence skills you should develop

Hardly any term is as diverse as that of social competence. This often conceals positive key qualifications such as teamwork, motivation or communication skills.  It is not uncommon for HR professionals to mention social skills as a key recruitment criterion, synonymous with a kind of personality skills. According to soft study skills, and also social... Continue Reading →

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