Learn about Bumiputera Business Loans

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses old and new will be struggling to survive. The pandemic caused irreversible damage to the exiting economy in Malaysia that will take years to recover from. While there are some long-term benefits that appear to be emerging from the pandemic, the business landscape will have to... Continue Reading →

Is a Rental Property a Better Investment Than a REIT?

Real estate has the potential to be a highly lucrative investment. If you pick the right assets, get started early, and commit to a solid strategy, you can multiply your initial principal and establish a stream of incoming cash that could fund your retirement. But when you pursue real estate, you have a lot of... Continue Reading →

How Financial Advisors Can Help Business Owners

Many small business owners start their business without first getting insight from an experienced financial advisor. You wouldn’t start a long road trip or vacation without planning it first, right? So why would you start your own business before consulting the right person about your finances? In fact, 60% of business owners have never met... Continue Reading →

Tips for Asset and Facility management

Businesses are in continuous evolution, and it brings the need for them to adapt to remain operational. As the working environments change, there are new challenges that arise. It is why management needs to be all the more careful with how they manage their assets and facility. Overseeing the performance of these items will ensure... Continue Reading →

How Islamic banking works

Banks in several Muslim nations function very differently from conventional western banks. The style in which they operate is called 'Islamic Banking'. It is broadly governed by the law of Sharia. Here is a look at key differences between Islamic and conventional banking practices. Overview Islamic banking is characterized by profit and loss sharing (PLS)... Continue Reading →

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Stocks

Are you looking forward to investing in stocks? Wait right there! Before you cement this decision, it is important to weigh the pros and cons. Historically, the stock market holds a strong reputation for delivering impressive returns to investors. Seldom will you come across an individual who will not suggest you go for this option.... Continue Reading →

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