Three Best Casino Games for the Nerd Herd

If you are an unashamed nerd, you are not alone. What makes you a nerd? That is pretty difficult to define. But being proud of your nerdiness is cool and do not ever let anyone rain on your parade for being who you are. Before you bet on anything, you are likely to investigate your... Continue Reading →

Ways to Have Fun in 2020 – Staycation Addition

With summer well underway it’s time to think about weekends and vacation.  Whether you’re on a budget or simply looking for some fun staycation ideas we’ve got a few suggestions for you. Invent a Game There has been a unique rise in people’s interest around board and card games.  In fact, it’s one of the... Continue Reading →

Getting reeled in:the Portrayal of Gambling in films

Many of us first encountered the adrenaline rush of gambling in movies such asOcean’s Eleven, The Gambler, Casino Royale, or even Barry Lyndon for the historical fiction fans out there. But does this difference between real gambling and fictional gambling make a difference? Movies are, after all, for entertainment. Well, researchers have several different ideas... Continue Reading →

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