When Should You Get a Second Medical Opinion?

After getting an unusual, concerning, or unexpected diagnosis, you may wonder about the possibility of getting a second opinion. In the medical world, a second opinion is exactly what it sounds like—it’s an opportunity to get a diagnosis, evaluation, or even treatment from a different physician, separate from your traditional provider.  You may have mixed... Continue Reading →

Coping With Injury: Seven Tips to Get Through the Trauma

You don't have to be a sportsperson to face an injury. It can happen to anyone of us. From athletes to automobile or motorcycle accident injury, we all may find ourselves or someone close to us facing the trauma of coping with a severe injury. It can be verydifficult to get through this tough time... Continue Reading →

Is Frozen Shoulder A Common Chronic Problem Or It Can Lead To Adverse Seriousness?

Often the twenty-first century is referred to as the age of innovation, technological revolution and digitalization. Digitalization is the new language that the entire world is thriving on. But with the sheer advancements in workplaces and everyday chores, the modern-day lifestyles of today’s population are significantly influenced. A substantial percentage of the full-time workers among... Continue Reading →

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