Can you prevent cheating by using spy apps?

Increase use of social media, messaging apps and the regular use of dating apps has become a major reason for infidelity. Infidelity is one of the common reasons for breakups. There has been an increase in in-cheat cases with time. But on the one side, as technology has given fire to loyalty, on the other... Continue Reading →

Have Fun Dating While Still Practicing Social Distancing

You took the plunge, you searched and swiped, you messaged, you got a response, and now, you’ve video chatted. It seems that everything is in place and could not be going better. Unfortunately, there is still one major problem. As much as you’d like to schedule an in-person meetup, there’s a global pandemic. Even if... Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Be a Better Lover

Many factors play a significant role in ensuring your relationship is on the right track. Your sex life is an essential aspect of your relationship that plays a vital role in keeping you and your partner together. We have seen most people walking out of their relationships due to lack of sexual satisfaction. Some even... Continue Reading →

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