5 Things to consider before opting for a New TV set!

Getting a brand-new TV sounds thrilling yet worrisome for some when it comes to making the right purchase. To increase the excitement, and keeping the uncertainty at the minimal, experts have suggested considering five main points to base your decision. Make sure you have a cable TV connection that delivers a high-definition video quality like... Continue Reading →

Where to Get Barcodes for CDs

There are only a few legitimate organisations which can provide you with legal barcode numbers for your CD. They are listed below, and it’s also important to keep in mind that you will require one retail barcode number for every album title that you release. Once you have had a barcode number assigned to an... Continue Reading →

Is TV the new tablet for seniors?

What do these companies have in common - American Well, Cisco, Comcast Independence Blue Cross?  They all are looking to the television sets in people’s homes as a health care delivery platform.  96 percent of American house holds have TV that accounts to over 120 million American households –[Nielsen estimates for year 2019-2020].US Bureau of... Continue Reading →

5 Visual Content Marketing Tips for 2020

People wanting to create visual marketing content will have to first take a look at 2020 marketing trends. It is important to understand what is relevant for today’s audience and use tools that they can relate to. Visual marketing is changing constantly and in order to be effective, one must learn the ways or methods... Continue Reading →

Why Your Meetings Need Video Recording

Most business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve the effectiveness and/or efficiency of their meetings. Meetings can be a massive waste of time if they aren’t planned or executed properly, but there are certain steps you can take to greatly increase the chances of a meeting being a success—and one of them is... Continue Reading →

Shop for the Best 4G Mobile Phone Online to Save Money

4G or fourth-generation mobile technology is an advanced form of cellular operations that surpasses the connectivity efficiency of 3G network communication. The 4G mobile phone is the demand for gen-next and the millennial generation. This is because these phones are superiorly fast, providing instant and easy connection to the internet and social media sites; enable high-quality video... Continue Reading →

What is Video Analytics All About?

Video analytics was first invented as a video surveillance software. A security guard or a security manager may never have time to watch hours of videos. Any human will get bored and lose the sharp senses when gone into hours of surveillance, but a software or a machine will not. That is why video analytics!... Continue Reading →

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